Lovecraft Country tried to save itself in a timely manner-Wimey, but that didn’t work

After spending quite a few episodes and motivating each member of the cast too much, it was just starting to show it. Lovecraft country Prepared for the storytelling derailment, “Rewind 1921” is, yes, going on stage to make sure the series is completely overkill.

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“Rewind 1921” brings everything Lovecraft countryThe adult character when he realized that Diana was badly hurt by the curse cast on her by a pair of racist police officers working at Seamas Lancaster (Mark Brandt) was all about their personal drama. Entrained in, the other heroes in the story left Diana vulnerable and were all at risk of the exact kind they all worked hard to protect themselves, and they all properly self-identified themselves. I’m ashamed.

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In each episode of the first season of Lovecraft Country, new family and friends in the midst of Attica Freeman were suddenly dragged into the dark convergence of events that could lead to Lovecraft’s apocalypse. By shifting the focus to each member of the support cast, Lovecraft Country …

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Atticus, Leti, Ruby, and Montrose are all pondering the best way to help a coma, and Diana, who is very dying, so Atticus thinks their best bet is to negotiate with Christina Braithwaite. I am. The actual command of magic — by providing her with a page missing from the long-awaited copy of Book of Names by Titus Braithwhite. Atticus understands exactly how dangerous it is to give Christina some of the most important magical artifacts that exist, but as the episode unfolds, Diana’s survival is his lord. Is a concern. Notifying Letty that Christina already has a page following Letty’s choice to negotiate with her for magical invincibility does not bring pleasure to Letty. Pair batting heads are one of the first ways episodes can exist straight in the realm of dramatic theatrical performances, causing people to distract and over-act to unintended points of humor.

When Ruby guarantees everyone that Christina can use magic to save a girl, no one makes sense to ask, “How do you know Christina?” With such a small thing, this episode feels a little unsophisticated. Christina can’t completely break the spell cast by Lancaster’s villain on Diana with a simple spell or a flick on her wrist, but she can slow the progression of the spell through a spell that requires the blood of Dee’s closest relatives. I will explain that you can. For a brief moment, “Rewind 1921” could save Hippolyta, who is a member of Dee’s family and Montrose (now everyone knows he’s gay), because Hippolyta is missing. Life feels like trying to make an inspirational statement when everyone notices something. His blood is a potential catalyst for spells that keep turning Diana into monsters like Topsy and Bopsey, but just as he settles on ideas, Hippolyta appears out of nowhere, with fanfare and surprises. Not at all.

Focusing on how Hippolyta returned to Earth (perhaps they don’t know she jumped over the plane), or the story mainly forces as many overdue plot developments as possible during the season. No one actually takes the time to ask because they are.It makes the episode feel pretty flat and procedural, and it’s always trying to make up for it Lovecraft country Did not spend to fully build the climax of the traditional story.

The moment Hippolyta returns, she attends a ceremony where Christina, Atticus, Letty, Ruby, and Montrose provide energy to stop Diana’s curse. When she finds out that her daughter needs more help, she immediately plans to include time travel.

Diana in the suffering of her curse. (Screenshot: HBO)

Hippolyta can use the Winthrop Observatory’s machine to break Atticus, Letty, and Montrose, as Lancaster’s spells can only be broken with the enchantments detailed in Titus’s long-lost-named book. I think we can create a portal that will send back over time. Space to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 where they can find the book before it is destroyed. At that time, it was being held by the family of Atticus’ mother. By acting as a cross-dimensional motherboard that stabilizes the portal in other realities, Hippolyta can give the trio a way to reach Tulsa and go home as long as it can withstand the stress connected to the machine. But throughout the episode through this, three travelers don’t make sense to rush to get things done quickly in the past. This seems incredibly strange.

Rewind 1921 immediately prompts a comparison with HBO by returning the character to Tulsa’s Greenwood district hours before the racist riots burn most of the neighborhood. Watchmen, Because the show is trying to unpack a slightly similar idea. Looking at the vibrant and prosperous black community that simply exists outside Chicago, it seems to bother Atticus and Letty, as they have no particularly strong ties to Tulsa at this time.But for Montrose, returning to 1921 is the horror of falling on the city and the reality that a much younger version of himself was still afflicted by his own abusive father (as depicted by). Open all sorts of old scratches for both Black lightningWilliam Catlett. )

When Atticus, Montrose, Leti witnessed young Montrose being abused Lovecraft countryWe are trying to impress you with how trauma is passed on to your family for generations.However, the show doesn’t spend exactly a lot of time fleshing out Montrose as a character, so there are some moments when it feels like the episode is about to tell a story. Shows, shows, plays This is the penultimate episode of the season, but I haven’t earned enough yet.something Lovecraft country I can do it somehow Watchmen It didn’t make you feel how vibrant the place was before Greenwood was destroyed, and how much a family like Atticus had to give up by leaving it behind.

If either Atticus or Montrose tries to interact with the Atticus family to get the Book of Names, it is a bit dangerous and can be suspicious (in terms of time travel), so the obligation is on Leti. After she is chased down the street by a raging gang of white racists, she will need family protection. Atticus eventually has to look for his father due to the stress of being brought back to Tulsa while she waits for the right moment to first find and steal a book of names somewhere in Freeman’s house. Find yourself as young as you want to see from a distance.

When Atticus finds his father, he understands how painful it is to see his young self. At that point, Montrose loved the other boy very much, but didn’t feel safe enough to express his feelings when someone else was around. The importance of having to hide the young Montrose is to Atticus as he and his father are shot dead by a group of white men in a town square that is furious in the city trying to cause confusion. It really hits. However, Rewind 1921 uses the boy’s murder as another annoying opportunity, with the idea that Atticus and Montrose will be healed together for this experience. In the minds of older Montrose, he recalls a stranger with a baseball bat knocking out hell from a group of men who were stupid enough to bring only one gun. Of course, the man will eventually become Atticus. It’s very nice to see him go to town with a big group, but the more time he actually takes care of, the more impactful the scene feels about Montrose.

At the same time, Montrose and Atticus enter the realm of timely swimming peaks, and Letty confronts Atticus’ grandmother in 1921, who can feel something wrong with her just by looking at her shoes without business. Will be. The rest of the house is preparing to deal with a group of racists who may appear at the front door trying to cause trouble that night. I’m looking for a book with a name. The story of a young woman, even though Atticus’ grandmother understands that everyone in the house is destined to die, perhaps because of the constant magic of Atticus’lineage, or because of Retty’s uncertainties. You will soon come to believe that night. Letty’s magical defenselessness quickly protects her and the book from the flames that swallow the family home. And because of his respect and true love for Atticus’ grandmother, Letty continues to pray with the woman until the fire burns her down.

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Since there is no way to contact each other as soon as the riots begin in earnest, Atticus and Montrose rebook it on the portal where Hippolyta remains open throughout the episode, and the man Letty she once they Reasonably assume that you know to meet them have what they need. Hippolyta’s power fading is one of the few moments that seems to vaguely recognize that the story isn’t the tightest. Lovecraft countryEpisode of. During the period, Atticus, Leti, and Montrose had to equip a broken machine together to create a portal to the past, as if the only way to get home was not connected. Have a sweet time.

Letty will eventually return to the portal, but will walk dramatically through the fire that swallows downtown Tulsa. Lovecraft country I want you to think about the scene powerfully. But it fails because it doesn’t make sense for Letty not to book it to get out of it and go home. As soon as he realizes that the portal is no longer working, Atticus jumps over the portal and discovers that Hippolyta has returned to the right time and lost his past locks. He can encourage her to take advantage of the inner well of power by reminding her that she is doing all this to save her daughter. Hippolyta can open the portal with a burst of energy that impacts the hair by pushing itself. Dragon ball Z The shade of electric blue gives Montrose and Letty a chance to dive into the present.

“Rewind 1921” is a one-hour TV show, but for a variety of reasons, it makes me feel a little sick because I notice when the episode is over. Lovecraft countryThe season finale will be crowded in a way that you don’t like it. Everyone knows that Christina’s plans for true immortality include the loss of Atticus. The show flirt with his death idea before finding a way to save him. Especially, strangely enough, when cleaving near the source material. It exists in this universe now.If it feels like this it’s all okay Lovecraft country It was effectively built for such a dramatic final chapter, but it is not.

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Lovecraft Country tried to save itself in a timely manner-Wimey, but that didn’t work

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