MAFS Australia 2023: Brief cameos of wedding guests in stunning gowns

Married At First Sight’s wedding guests managed to distract viewers despite only a brief cameo appearance.

person who tunes Tuesday night episode We couldn’t help but notice that the brunettes who attended the wedding of Dan Hunjas, 42, and Sandy Jawanda, 36, exchanged heartwarming vows for their televised wedding .

One of the groom’s friends, then revealed as Gold Coast nurse Samantha Symes, flashed on screen for mere seconds during the ceremony, but in an incredibly bold neon orange gown you couldn’t miss. bottom.

Samantha is Instagram Back in August, when the show began filming, with the exact same look, he credited the “Glam Squad” for helping get it ready.

Queenslander, who has nearly 40,000 followers on the platform, thanked fashion stylists, hair and makeup artists for styling her for the TV event.

Last week, Samantha shared another photo from her big day with her followers, writing, “Bitter.” [sic] It’s never too late.

Gold Coast marketing mogul Groom Dunn wrote a cryptic comment on the post.

“Caption…,” he wrote, waving with the “100” emoji. Samantha replied, “Oh, can you sympathize with Baby?”

At last night’s wedding, the successful father of one who drives a Porsche 911 married Sandy, a Victorian dentist in a traditional Indian family.

The pair shared undeniable chemistry, and Dan calmed down a nervous Sandy at the altar.

Ahead of the ceremony, Sandy was in tears after visiting her strict parents to tell them about her appearance plans. MAFS.

They refused to be filmed and even declined an invitation to their daughter’s televised wedding.

“I may look like a strong and fearless woman, but growing up as a first-generation Indian in the 1990s was difficult,” Sandy said in her vows.

“Finding my identity as an Australian woman, embracing my differences and being who I am, adapting and meeting the expectations of my parents and the community.

“Dear husband, why am I doing this?

“Because I’ve learned that a life lived in fear is a half-hearted life. Just dip your toes and you’re done. I’m jumping in with both feet, with full trust in the process.”

A beaming Dan called his new “wife” a “pioneer.”

Married At First Sight continues Wednesday at 7:30 pm on Channel 9

first published as Eye-popping cameos of MAFS wedding guests in bold gowns

MAFS Australia 2023: Brief cameos of wedding guests in stunning gowns

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