Man Attacked by Shark at Secluded Beach Beauty Spot

A man was injured in a shark attack at a remote and scenic beach located 1200 kilometers north of Perth, Western Australia, shortly after local warnings of heightened shark activity had been issued.

Emergency services swiftly responded to Fourteen Mile Beach on the northwest coast of WA following reports of the shark incident around 11 am on Monday. They discovered a male victim who had been attacked by an unidentified shark species and promptly transported him to a nearby nursing post in Coral Bay, approximately 40 kilometers north.

A spokesperson from the WA Country Health Service confirmed that the victim is currently in stable condition.

The incident occurred shortly after authorities had issued a public alert regarding sharks in the vicinity, prompted by the discovery of a whale carcass near Point Cloates. Parks and Wildlife Service officers advised caution to beachgoers in the Point Cloates area, warning that the presence of the carcass could attract sharks.

In light of the attack, swimmers near Fourteen Mile Beach have been advised to exercise heightened vigilance and to observe any posted signage or beach closures.

Earlier on the same day, SharkSmart reported a sighting of an approximately 4-meter-long shark of unknown species just off the coast of Exmouth, less than 10 minutes prior to the attack at Fourteen Mile Beach.

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