Man contaminates bread with a syringe

A man is on the run after being seen contaminating a product with a syringe in Woolworths, Melbourne.

A surprised shopper called police on Tuesday afternoon after a man was found sticking a syringe in bread at the Woolworths store in Rocksborough Park Shopping Center.

One witness said he had confronted the man and warned the store guards before he fled after 4:30 pm.

Police confirmed that the men were called to a supermarket on Summerton Road after being reported to be “behaving irregularly.”

“On arrival, police were told that men had entered the store and stabbed them with syringes, contaminating many products,” said Sergeant Madeline Gilard.

“Then he left the store. The product was removed from the shelves and police searched for the man.”

She said the man had not yet been found and an investigation was underway.

Witnesses said the man was “crazy” in a trolley-blocked bread corridor after an incident occurred while police were investigating the scene.

The man stayed in the store for about five minutes, and the Woolworths staff did not interact with the criminal, but found that the customer warned him of the incident.

A Woolworths spokesman said the store had removed all bread from the shelves on Tuesday night.

He said any customers who were concerned about the bread they bought from the store on Tuesday could return it for a refund.

A spokesman said the company was aware of the incident and was supporting police investigations.

“Police attended the store and provided CCTV footage to help identify the man,” he said.

“I took all the bread off the shelves last night. If you’re worried about the bread you bought at the store yesterday, we recommend returning it to the store for a refund.”

Woolworths said the bread was either handed over to police as evidence or abandoned.

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