Manhunt underway after stabbing a man’s death in Whittington, Victoria

Manhunt is in progress since then Sting The death of a man west of Victoria yesterday.

Around 3 pm, an ambulance crew was called to a Planet Court facility in Whittington, near Geelong, following reports of a man being stabbed.

A 47-year-old Wittington man was found seriously injured, taken to a hospital, and later died.

Emergency service at the site of Whittington. (9)
A crime scene was created on a suburban street. (9)
murder Detectives are looking for Joshua Hooking, 35, from Connecter who left the property on a purple Ford sedan today.

The car was found, but the man has not yet been found.

Joshua hooking is required by the police. (Victoria Police)

A spokesperson for the Victorian police said, “Police continue to search for Joshua Hooking after the incident and want anyone with information to come forward.”

“The parties are believed to be known to each other.”

The detective has released an image of Mr. Hocking in the hope that someone can recognize him and provide information about his current whereabouts.

Anyone who witnesses hooking will be asked to stay away from him and contact Triple Zero (000) immediately.

If you have other information, we recommend contacting the 1800 33 3000 Crime Stopper.

Place of originManhunt underway after stabbing a man’s death in Whittington, Victoria

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