Manifold Heights: Young Buyer’s Dream Home Beats Reserves at $140,000 in Three-Way Auction

Auctioneer Peter Fort is calling for bids at 31 Garton Crescent, Manifold Heights.

The three bidders didn’t leave much to be desired in securing the first renovated California bungalow offered in Manifold Heights in 27 years.

At Saturday’s auction, two buyer advocates and a young family matched bids for a four-bedroom home that was $137,000 above the reservation price.

Ultimately, Buyer’s advocate Jackie Middleton secured the house with a knockout bid of $1.706 million. 31 Garton Cress.

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The auction opened at $1.4 million and auctioneer Peter Fort declared the house at $1.57 million on the market. The price surpassed the latest top sale on the street, also a five-bedroom home, by more than $150,000.

According to Middleton, buyers intend to live in the property themselves and call Manifold Heights home.

“They are looking forward to moving into the neighborhood,” she said.

31 Garton Crescent, Manifold Heights.

High ceilings and stained glass windows.

The extension created an open plan living room and kitchen.

Whitford, Newtown agent Heidi Trempel said the pace of the auction meant some groups didn’t get a chance, but seven groups — all young families — were willing to bid. .

“They are all a family, generally a young family, and were drawn not only to the house itself, but also to the streets of Girton Cres. It’s so beautiful.”

Mr Trempel said there has been some interest from Melbourne buyers, but mostly locals.

“Many locals know the name and have the advantage of knowing the street before they even see the house,” she said.

Buyers favor Jackie Middleton for staying ahead of the competition.

Buyers endorse Tony Slack on the phone with clients.

A young family was one of the bidders.

The home has come full circle and the owners sold it 27 years later after raising their own family in a neighborhood they said was the property’s best feature.

“When they bought it, it didn’t have an extension or an upper floor,” Trempel said.

“They stayed there for 27 years, and as their family grew, so did their family.

“Fortunately, families moving in don’t have to do anything and can have fun.”

Manifold Heights is one of Geelong’s most densely populated suburbs, with an average owner tenure of about 14 years. According to PropTrack data, the median home price is $985,000, up nearly 29% over the past three years.

A workshop studio in the backyard.

Newly renovated family bath.

Backyard wraparound deck and spa.

Fort said homes of this caliber are rarely offered.

Garton Cress itself is famous for its circular park and playground in the middle of its tree-lined streets.

“It’s a wonderful home environment and tree-lined streets that you’d expect to find in places like Canterbury and Balwyn in Melbourne,” Fort said.

This home has 4 or 5 bedrooms and multiple living areas spread across two floors, plus a stunning backyard and workshop.

“When you enter the home, the first thing that strikes me is the hallway of the large Californian bungalow. Beautiful Baltic sea pine planks are everywhere, leading to a wonderful family living area in the back. It has features and is a turnkey property.”

Manifold Heights: Young Buyer’s Dream Home Beats Reserves at $140,000 in Three-Way Auction

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