Marcus Mumford: ‘I was sexually abused as a child’ | Mumford & Sons

Band frontman Marcus Mumford mumford and sonssays he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

“Like many people, I am learning more and more about this as we go and play it to people – I was sexually abused as a child. he said. GQ Magazine“It may be some people’s assumption, not family or church. But I haven’t told anyone in 30 years.”

Mumford’s parents were international leaders of the Vineyard Church, a neocharismatic evangelical Christian denomination.

Mumford said his recently released debut solo single, Cannibal, reflected an experience he had when he was six years old.

Here are the lyrics of the first verse:

i can still taste you and i hate it
It wasn’t a choice in a child’s mind, and you knew it
you took my first slice and ate it raw
Made me eat with my teeth and lips like a cannibal
this fucking animal

It continues to detail the freedom Mumford has found since he began to open up about the experience.

Marcus Mumford: Cannibals – Video

In an interview, Mumford explained how he wrapped up touring for Mumford & Sons’ 2018 album Delta. Responsibility to go to understand it. ”

He sought out a therapist who specialized in trauma, and during the second session, he talked about his childhood experiences, making him nauseous. I’ve had breathing problems my whole life. It’s not asthma, it’s more like holding your breath. ”

He describes what happened to him when he was six years old: For some reason, why didn’t I become a sexual abuser?

All my life, Mumford said, “I’ve spent my life in layers of shame. It may have started when I was six years old. I was addicted to the many layers of shame.

“And some areas I was trying to get rid of that shame resulted in more shame for me. So I feel free, more free than I’ve had in a long time.”

Cannibal is the first track off Mumford’s debut solo album, Self-Titled, out September 16th. “I felt like I had to go first,” he told GQ.”I started apologizing for it in my head.”

Mumford also confirmed that his band will continue as a trio after Winston Marshall’s departure. Withdraw from the group in June 2021 After his endorsement of conservative journalists sparked a backlash.

He admitted that he “begged” Marshall not to leave the band. I think,” he said.

Marcus Mumford: ‘I was sexually abused as a child’ | Mumford & Sons

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