Masked Singer Australia: Ryan Moloney revealed as first celebrity

WARNING: The following are spoilers for the masked singer.

new season of masked singer The first contestant emerged as an Australian television legend and was a huge success on Sunday night.

After a surprisingly solid performance of Ed Sheeran’s hits, bad habitKnight was unmasked as veteran Neighbors actor Ryan Moloney, aka the legendary Toadie of Ramsay Street!

Knight’s Clue teased him as “the closest thing Australia has to true royalty” – and we can’t argue with that. Despite being present, he got away with his brief stint on the show without the judges or seemingly viewers guessing his true identity.When neighbor It finally ended last week, is it possible that Ryan Moloney’s new singing career is on the horizon?

Others who performed at Sunday’s premiere include:

blow fly

In a package of clues, Blowfly was shown playing cricket, said he liked to “cruise in a big V8” and declared himself “Australian”. There were also a few references to “high fives”.

Blowfly then performed a gravelly rendition of Miley Cyrus midnight sky – and between all those Ocker cues and Barnsey-esque vocals, it’s pinning Blowfly as it used to be Australian idol Runner-up Shannon Noll – and many viewers on social media have the same idea.

The jury, leaning towards sporty, chose Freddy Flintoff, Daniel Ricciardo and… Stevie Nicks (Good Try, Hughie).

mirror ball

A cryptic clue to a disco ball standing in front of the Mexican flag and the number 48. pulp fiction Starring Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

Things got more complicated when the disco ball appeared in a performance of Olivia Newton-John’s classic Xanadu – Sounds like Livvy herself.

Many viewers on social media have claimed that Mirrorball was former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton, previously rumored to be a contestant of the season.She sure can sing, she has Mexican heritage — and starred in the 2005 movie be coolStarring… Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

And die-hard Pussycat Dolls fans are convinced: PCD’s top fan account is YouTube preview A scene from a disco ball performance a few weeks ago titled “MELODY THORNTON ON MASKED SINGER AUSTRALIA”.

The jury guessed that Chrissie Swan was Olivia Newton John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi, but I wasn’t too sure. She Chloe is a singer, but she doesn’t have high vocals like her mother.

Mel B appeared to have an EEG midway through the performance and claimed to “know that voice.” She’s totally convinced it’s Australian singer Samantha Jade.If Mel B was a judge for the season Australia’s Got Talent Jade winning seems to be the most realistic guess from the panel.


Zombies, who appeared as stewardesses in the Clue Package, have an airplane theme. “I’m not as green and as orange as I used to be. How about some baked potatoes?” she asked. Hmm. Among her clues were also references to opera singers and the Wicked Witch.

Zombies, uh exclusive Ava Max song performance Sweet Butt Psycho – To these ears, this seems to suggest that Zombie is not a professional singer – but many viewers on social media are convinced that Zombie is ex-wiggle Emma Watkins. If so, uh… do you shiver the first night?

Chrissie Swann had other ideas, guessing Broadway great Idina Menzel (Chrissie, I think you owe Idina an apology for that). The rest of the panel was on the “non-professional singer” wavelength, with Mel B guessing supermodel Heidi Klum, Dave Hughes guessing Boost Juice founder Janine Alice, and Abbie guessing Australia. ‘s actress Kate Richie.


The thong is an “Australian icon with a background abroad” who is “well known for his work with M&M”, according to the clue package. Oh, and they love fish.

based on her performance foot loose, I think Thong is also a non-professional singer. It was exactly his Friday night karaoke performance. Chrissie hit Bindi Irwin, Mel B hit surfer Stephanie Gilmore, Hughie hit British singer Dido (what? why?) and Abbie hit. chef When survivor Star Khan On.

This puzzled me – it’s hard to choose when you’re someone who’s clearly not known for singing!

And there seems to be no real consensus among social media audiences, with more than a few voting for Chrissie’s guess, Bindi Irwin.

Five people left masked singer The contestants will appear on Monday’s episode, with another celeb unmasking at the end of the night.

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Masked Singer Australia: Ryan Moloney revealed as first celebrity

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