Matt Smith reveals the downsides of filming ‘House of the Dragon’

This is the seldom-seen Matt Smith.

The 39-year-old British actor has landed his boldest role yet in HBO’s upcoming film. House of the Dragonthe long-awaited prequel game of thrones Local debut at binge When Foxtel August 22nd.

Smith is known for being the youngest actor to become a leading actor. Doctor Who Emmy-nominated performance as Prince Philip from 2010 to 2014 and Netflix crown, throne– Sphere as Prince Demon Targaryen.

The main antagonist, Daemon, is the impulsive, power-hungry brother of King Viserys I of Targaryen (Paddy Considine), set nearly 200 years before the events of the world. Got.

While participating in the widely acclaimed franchise, throne That was reason enough to get on board, but it was this character’s complexity that fascinated Smith the most.

“I thought he was really interesting and a stranger, and I thought I could add something to him,” says Smith.

“I think you always feel a nerve element going into every part. It felt a little bit more outside than anything I had done before. That’s why I was attracted to you.”

That’s not to say he loved every minute of it.

Smith says the nature of this production took an extreme physical and emotional toll on him. Until you put on your armor and wait.

“It’s been a huge privilege to be away from something like this, but it’s also been hard. It’s been a tough shoot. And it’s been a year since Covid, and it hasn’t been easy. It was just an option.” It’s not,” he says.

“And in this type of show, there are so many characters. There’s a lot of hanging out on set.

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Indeed, Smith feels overwhelmed on every set, stating that his role is his “sole focus”.

So how does he stay sane?

“Have a Guinness, watch football. Go to the gym, do normal things, walk the dog, [I would] Just do things that have nothing to do with blonde wigs and swords,” he says.

Few sets are this dynamic. game of thrones It won an Emmy Award for its epic battle scenes.Season 6’s “Battle of the Bastards” (directed by hot day Director Miguel Sapochnik) seems to be watching from the edge of his seat.

However, perfectly rehearsing such fights is risky.

French actor Fabian Frankel, who played Sir Kristen Cole in the prequel, revealed that he almost hurt the money-maker Smith’s pin-up face.

“I punched Matt in the face at the first rehearsal,” says Frankel. “My sword cut through his head. We didn’t really know each other.

“It was your shield that hit my sword,” Smith interjects.

They laugh about it now, but Frankel genuinely feared he would be “fired.”

“I didn’t want to hurt Matt Smith,” he says.

Smith was one of millions of stalwarts throne Fans have seen the entire eight-season run.

He says he’s honored to be welcomed into the world of Westeros in a new age, but of course, that kind of legacy requires high stakes.

“But in the end, it’s good pressure,” says Smith.

“It had its own cultural footprint, and its success will never be repeated.

“There’s a huge fan base out there. They love it. And they try to give something original and interesting and push the story forward, even if it’s pushing the story backwards.”

House of the Dragon premieres express from the US on Binge and Foxtel on August 22nd.

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Matt Smith reveals the downsides of filming ‘House of the Dragon’

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