McGowan’s claim about contradictory hard borders by Chief Health Officer

Dr. Robertson also revealed that the state government’s “all-or-nothing” approach to reopening the border is not based on health advice, despite Prime Minister McGowan’s regular claims.

When asked by journalists on October 1st for the source of the “all or nothing” approach, McGowan said: “This is medical advice. It was confirmed by a federal court that heard all the evidence. It is the advice of the Chief Health Officer.”

But in July, McGowan told reporters that the approach was based on legal advice.

“It is constitutionally illegal to choose from the states we are advised to do,” he said.

Since then, the Prime Minister’s Office has refused to clarify whether the legal advice originally provided by the state law firm has changed.

All other Australian jurisdictions except Tasmania and Victoria open their borders only to selected states.

WA Liberal Health Spokesman Zack Car Pilate

Kirkup said the exposure in the investigation proved that McGowan’s decision to keep the border closed was motivated by politics and popularity.

“I think what happened today was that Premier was captured by his Chief Health Officer,” he said.

“The border agreements implemented in Western Australia are not based on health advice, but in fact are well documented here today as political decisions made by the Prime Minister and the government.

“I was surprised. Everyone in Western Australia knows that the Chief Health Officer has suggested that Western Australia can now travel to South Australia, the Northern Territory, Tasmania, ACT and Queensland. I was very shocked and surprised. The government will stop implementing the border agreement. “

WA Premier Mark Magawan.

WA Premier Mark

McGowan reiterated that public health advice is to close the WA border until the virus is cleared nationwide. This is represented in 28 days without a mysterious incident.

Dr. Robertson said Victoria’s Prime Minister Dan Andrews may not be able to reach zero on Tuesday, but Victoria could reach that milestone within two months. Said he believed he still had.

Dr. Robertson said WA’s susceptibility to the virus needs to be considered, for its freedom, as well as border arrangements in other states when considering border arrangements.

“We are generally happy with the border arrangements. Looking at states like Queensland and Tasmania, many of them actually overlap with our arrangements,” he said. Told.

“South Australia is probably more open and the Northern Territory tends to use hotspot models, but the border restrictions are the same as ours, but they are different and many states will border in the coming weeks. We need to take that into account as we change measures. “

Most Australian states have agreed to move to the border model by Christmas. It revolves around a federal-defined hotspot model that bans travel from areas with COVID-19 cases.

WA has opted out the move.

Heather McNeill is a senior journalist at WAtoday.

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