Meditation app promotes a healthy mind

To coincide with World Mental Health Day on October 10, Healthy Minds Innovations (HMI) encourages Australians to download the Healthy Minds Program app. This is a free meditation app that can teach users concentration, calm and resilience.

The Healthy Mind Program uses neuroscience, meditative traditions, and skill-based learning methods to develop healthy mind skills and is the four pillars of science-based mind training: awareness, insight, connection, and purpose. Guide users through (ACIP).

Users of the app can choose between traditional sitting meditation or active on-the-go meditation that can be performed while walking, on the train, or even driving. There are also meditations to deal with stressors such as COVID-19.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Health Mind Center and its non-profit organization, HMI, are headed by neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson, who has spent years studying the science of happiness.

App Voice Dr. Courtland Dahl joined the team and used his dissertation to create an ACIP-based mind training framework from which the app was centered.

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