Medtronic, AMRA partner for robotic-assisted surgery

Medtronic Australia and Australian Medical Robotics Academy (AMRA), have collaborated to provide surgeons with training in robotic-assisted surgery (RAS).

A wide range of training is offered at AMRA’s facilities in Melbourne to improve knowledge and skills in RAS, ranging from basic skills training to procedural training, and to more advanced and specialized areas in surgery.

Kevin Falzon, Senior Director of Surgical Robotics at Medtronic Asia Pacific, said: “Through this commitment, we will be working closely with a network of experts who form the faculty at AMRA, all of whom have significant experience in robotic surgery, training and training and education and who will be the first to deliver our educational content to trainees in Australia.

The commitment reflects Medtronic’s continued investment in the field of robotic surgery, as it aims to train and improve the skill sets of both current and next generation surgeons.

“We want to make RAS more accessible – for more hospitals, and more surgeons, for the benefit of patients,” Falzon added.

AMRA Director and CEO Professor Tony Costello said it was important for MedTech companies such as Medtronic to work with surgeons and clinical associations to improve patient outcomes.

“MedTech companies play a critical role in helping surgeons train – they know the technology, while surgeons know how to operate – and if you combine the two, the results will be better for the patient. Ultimately, we want all provide better training to get better results for social and patient benefit.

Medtronic, AMRA partner for robotic-assisted surgery

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