Melbourne retailers fear the worst as they doubt the reopening date


He felt “terrible” when Prime Minister Daniel Andrews showed on Sunday that the Melbourne metropolitan area would not take a major step out of the blockade. When opened, the risk of causing a third wave of the pandemic is too great.

Hutchinson sells shares online and in Click and Collect, but not many. Before the pandemic, his income was about $ 15,000 a week, but now he’s $ 1,000 a week.

He survives with JobKeeper and his savings, but lacks reserves. He thinks, if it’s still closed by November, “close the door and get out of debt.”

“I’m 68 years old, but unfortunately I get a pension. I’ve never missed work in my life at an old school. I didn’t have any handouts from the government,” he said.

“Like many, my mental condition is not good, and I had to seek professional help.”

Hutchinson put up a poster on his window last week distributed by local Liberal Party lawmaker Brad Battin. A poster bearing Mr. Battin’s name says, “It’s time to open Victoria.”

Hutchinson has a poster calling on the state government to resume Taylor

Hutchinson was a friend of Bathin and hired a member of parliament when he was 15. However, he says he is not a member of a political party and has previously voted for both Labor and the Liberal Party.

He just wants to reopen his store soon. He said the number of cases of COVID-19 may not decrease further this year and “we need to live with it.”


He said there were only a handful of active cases in the Casey Council area and the current rules on who could open were unfair. Newspaper stores were selling socks, hats, and T-shirts, often waiting for 15 people to be served at nearby cafes, but Harry’s Clothing was closed.

Anna Hall, owner of women’s clothing in the urban wardrobe on the other side of Harry’s Closing, said it was shameful not to give retailers a reopening date. “It’s just a joke. It’s stressful and I can’t see the end.”

She said the low number of cases that would trigger the next step in the roadmap from the blockade, including the reopening of retail stores, is unattainable.

“Seriously, I don’t know how long we small businesses have been there, waiting for these sunshine that we’ve been waiting for,” she said. ..

Rob Imperatore, owner of the Shanikas Italian restaurant in Berwick and Pakenham, said the closure “certainly can’t last any longer” and said the business was suspended in a small part of the coronavirus-affected population. Stated.

He asked for permission to open at least a limited number of indoor restaurants, as outdoor dining can be weather-sensitive and costly to install.

If you or anyone you know needs help, call 13 11 14 Lifeline, 1300 789 978 Mensline, 1800 512 348 Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service, or 1800 55 1800 Kids Helpline. please.

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Carolyn Webb is a reporter for The Age.

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