Michael Pasco: Gender Swap, Theoretical Scenario

Police inspectors have a close personal relationship with one of his junior officers, the police officer.

The relationship has been kept very quiet-inspectors then say the relationship was not in sufficient condition to publish it.

People with little charity may say that the consul is embarrassed.

Constable causes trouble. The integrity unit discovered that she had leaked information about the incident to her contacts. Money may have changed.

Inspectors openly blame her and tell her that she has caused unpopularity with her troops and that she has no future. She is embarrassed to resign.

But very quietly, the inspector keeps in touch with her.

Inspectors have a strong personality, are leaders in all respects, and can navigate the dark waters of troops aimed at senior officials.

The former policeman – lightweight, ubiquitous, and always has one big idea from achieving something. Ice cream castle in the air.

Later, no one could understand why the inspector continued the case, but she somehow floated his boat. No one thought it was her heart.

No one really knows what’s happening in relation to others. They are lucky if they know what is happening on their own.

The former police officer continues to try to get the hustle to work using her contact information for the unit. It’s possible she’s trying to get rid of some weeds. It’s as common as grass, so to speak.

The inspector ignores it-he definitely doesn’t want to know about it and tells her so.

From subsequent phone interceptions, he doesn’t seem to pay much attention to what she is telling him anyway.

Later, it seems that the inspector’s interest in her was only what happened in the closed room.

The integrity unit has not lost interest in the previous police officer. Her hustle and bustle has attracted the attention of the investigation and may be the deal.

Sorry the whole mess is exposed and the phone tap is complete.

So what should the unit do to the inspector?

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Michael Pasco: Gender Swap, Theoretical Scenario

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