Michelle Obama Delivers Speech at When We All Vote Summit

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Michelle Obama send the keynote address at When We All Vote Culture of Democracy Summit On June 13, there was a strong speech about the need for the government and the people to protect and expand the right to vote in the United States.

He opened his remarks by acknowledging the grief that had been translated a few weeks ago, referring to the recent shooting in Uvalde, Buffalo, Tulsa, Philadelphia, his hometown of Chicago, and “too many communities that have addressed similar situations,” he said. But the debate that has arisen from these killings, he said, is important for all of us to remember that it is not about who you vote for. It does not matter whether you are Republican or Democrat or Democrat – this is a lot. Greater than that, because now, when we look around everything that happens during elections and our freedom, it is clear that we are seeing the difference in what we tell ourselves about this country and we can agree with. our eyes, “he added.

It has been in use recently restrict the right to vote now developed throughout America. “Last year alone, 19 states passed the bill to ban voting. That is 87 million people who will find it more difficult to vote than they would have a few years ago,” he said. said.

“This is not a matter of racism. It is American. And whoever says that others are trying to silence you about the threat we face.”

He goes on to point out the fact that the decisions made in elections affect all of us. “Here is the unbelievable thing we tell ourselves – that it will never happen to me,” he said. “We tell ourselves that despite the protests, the presidential election is still, in fact, guaranteed … school … Maybe strong men are getting around the world. answer, but it will not happen here. [Sure]”The sea is rising, but I’m not on the beach,” he said. there is a guarantee that these problems will not reach everyone. one of us. ”

Recognizing the weakness and lack of resources that can be encountered with these issues and with the crisis in the face of American totalitarian rule, he spoke of the need for a united front. handy and changeable, sweeping. “We need the remix. We need the idea,” he said, referring to the new the right to votecut to early voting hours, redrawn building district, and other implications for recent polls have been created around the U.S. All of these restrictions, he said, were upheld by a High Court “which was upheld by a fair trial.” He was referred to the 2013 court ruling hit down A key element of the 1954 Electoral Act, which had protected voters from discrimination for many years, opened the door for a nationwide ban on voters.

All of this, he said, should raise all citizens to oversee and take action. “No one has the luxury to sit out or stay home because you are not satisfied enough,” he said. “If you do not vote, someone else will.” He then urged voters not to give in to anger or despair, but to shift to co-operation and democratic governance as part of everyday life, use every community, audience, and medium they have. “This is not a tribal issue. He is an American,” he said. “And who says someone else is trying to keep you quiet about the threat we face.”

He then called on Congress to take special action to protect voting rights, such as legislation that would allow voters to register on election day; who will automatically register for 18 years to vote; that will legalize statehood for DC and Puerto Rico; and that will get rid of filibuster – The Senate is skeptical that, when the law is passed, 60 percent of the legislature usually passes the law.

In the end, he called on everyone and everyone to decide if they would be able to fight for independence, asking special young people to take action. “We see that you can download cell phone video and change the world,” he said. “You better believe that you already have the tools to change the way people think about our freedom.”

When We All Vote is an organization dedicated to promoting voting across races, classes, and ages. The organization works to register voters, build voter awareness, and encourage voters to become grassroots in their communities, among other efforts. . It was led by a star-studded board director, including Selena Gomez, who show Obama’s words. The board is also included Liza Koshy, Shonda Rhimes, Megan Rapinoe, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washingtonand Rita WilsonWHO join chair Tom HanksFaith Hill, Janelle Monáe: Do you want more followers?, Lin-Manuel Mirandaand Chris Paul in 2022.

The conference, which took place June 10-13, was hosted by Lakers icon Magic Johnson and featured interviews with Gomez, Monáe, Ross, Wanda Sykes, and more. The discussion covered everything from the history of voting rights in the United States to the current situation at Roe V. Wade.

Obama Found When We All Vote in 2018. Since then, when We All have voted to help hundreds of thousands of people start or complete the voting process. He also started out like that Vote loudly, which encourages young people to vote; My School Voting, which helps establish voter registration associations in high schools across the country; and the Civic Cities, which provide city leaders across the country with resources to support and encourage their communities to vote. The organization also encourages and assists voters to hold their elected officials accountable, among other key efforts.

If you have inspiration, make sure you are registered to vote and name to Support When We All Vote in 2022 and beyond.

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Michelle Obama Delivers Speech at When We All Vote Summit Source link Michelle Obama Delivers Speech at When We All Vote Summit

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