Micro Focus and Jaguar TCS Racing Renew Partnership

Micro Focus has announced a new partnership with Jaguar TCS Racing as part of its commitment to embrace environmental sustainability and transition to a low carbon economy.

Micro Focus will provide world-class software and services to Jaguar TCS Racing in their quest for more points, podiums and victories in Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the first net-zero carbon sport.

The partnership with Jaguar TCS Racing strengthens Micro Focus by contributing to the creation of sustainable technology, as competition in Formula E provides a real-world platform for developing new technologies and features on the racetrack. Shows commitment to innovation.

With the ambitious goal of developing more sustainable mobility solutions, Micro Focus’ software and professional services support Jaguar TCS Racing in improving vehicle performance in racing.

Leveraging Vertica’s real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities, and Micro Focus IDOL’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered unstructured data analytics, the company’s partnership with Jaguar TCS Racing will improve its success and competitiveness. and aims to push the boundaries of Formula E

“We have made great strides with Micro Focus over the past two years, so we can continue our journey with their support and expertise as we battle for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship title in Season 9. Our partnership with Micro Focus allows us to integrate world-class software services such as Vertica and IDOL to perform critical data analytics, which can help us deliver more accurate forecasts, faster and better. It enables smarter decision-making and ultimately improves performance and results,” said James Barclay, Team Principal of Jaguar TCS Racing.

“As the world’s first net-zero carbon sport since its inception, Formula E provides us and our partners with a real-world performance test bed to develop new technologies and capabilities. We share a desire to ignite, succeed at the highest level, and achieve sustainable change.”

As part of the partnership, Micro Focus software and services will help Jaguar TCS Racing push boundaries and develop sustainable electric mobility technologies that will improve the future of our planet.

Through Inspire, Micro Focus’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) program, the company recently announced a larger commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

In its commitment to climate change, Micro Focus has taken actions to reduce energy use and carbon footprint in our offices and data centers. The company will accelerate the transition to utility-owned and leased vehicles.

“At Micro Focus, we aim to make sustainable and responsible business part of how we operate. Achieving our sustainability goals requires a team effort and requires everyone to be involved. Yes, our technical and analytical partnership with Jaguar TCS Racing is crucial as both companies are focused on working in the most efficient way possible.” ESG, Micro Focus.

Micro Focus and Jaguar TCS Racing Renew Partnership

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