Millions of dollars reward for information about murdered German backpackers

Six days later, Mr. Strobel’s body was severely disintegrated, naked, and covered with palm leaves in a playground about 90 meters from the campsite. Dental records were used to confirm her identity.

At the time, Sack Fuel described the death of his girlfriend as an “assassination” and called for “this bloody evil monster” to be tried.

“Simone was full of love and happiness,” he said. “When she traveled to Australia in the last few months, she said it was like living in paradise.

Family and friends gather at a temporary monument near the place where Ms. Strobel’s body was discovered in Johnson

“She was an angel on Earth. I don’t understand why Jesus took her away. No one can answer this question, but now everyone can see her bright and shining star.”


On Thursday, a $ 1 million reward was announced for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Ms. Strobel’s death officer — available to everyone in the world. Police Minister David Elliott said the reward was a substantial incentive for those who had the information.

“For 15 years, police have been determined to reveal the truth about what happened to Simone. Both the Lismore community and her loved one in Germany deserve the answer,” Elliott said.

Scott Tanner, commander of the Richmond Police District, said police believe that some people abroad in Australia and Germany are withholding important information.

“We know the truth is there, and we know that there are people who are suppressing it,” he said.

Strobel's body was discovered six days after it went missing and was hidden under palm leaves in a playground within 100 meters of the caravan park.

Strobel’s body was found six days after it went missing and was hidden under palm leaves in a playground within 100 meters of the caravan police

“Strikeforce detectives have been working for over a decade trying to connect Simone’s last movement with who was there at her last moment.

“We’ve been investigating evidence and discussing witnesses for the past 15 years, but we need additional help from the general public to finally determine what happened to Simone. is.”

“This is a crime plagued by many families with young relatives traveling around the world. The idea of ​​losing them far away from home is hard to understand. To reassure Simone’s family. Please help me, “he urged.

“The police are very confident that we will solve this problem,” he said.


Investigators were open about the circumstances surrounding Mr. Strobel’s death, although Mr. Tanner added that Mr. Sack Fuel was “continuing to be interested in the investigation.”

He said Strobel’s family hopes to encourage people to announce their rewards.

In 2007, coroners discovered that no clear cause of death could be determined, but Ms. Strobel was most likely suffocated or suffocated.

The cause of death hearing heard that the group went to a pub. There, after discussing with Suckfuell, Strobel wept. According to witnesses, another line followed at the campsite, followed by Ms. Strobel.

Paul McMahon, Deputy Coroner of New South Wales, said there was insufficient evidence to recommend prosecution.

In 2014, German police provided a € 10,000 bounty for information that would help resolve the case. Rewards will continue to be provided.

If you have the information, we recommend contacting the 1800 33 3000 Crime Stopper.

Laura is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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