Millions of dollars reward for information about the murder of Sydney’s father

Russell, who reunited with his family a few months before his death, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Kronura Sharks rugby league team and has just recently moved to an apartment after living on the streets for nearly 20 years.

For those who have information about Mr. Russell’s stab, a $ 1 million reward was announced the day before the ceremonial occasion for his death.

Ms. Stewart wept and urged people to return to their hearts on February 24 and 25, 2018, in case they were able to remember details that would help the police.

“People may think it doesn’t matter, but I watch a lot of crime shows. [important], You never know, “she said.

“It’s been over two years and there’s no answer to this day why Mark was taken away from us. Mark was a kind and affectionate person. [who was] Having a rough life, that doesn’t mean he deserves being killed and taken away at his age. “

Criminal deputy director David Laidlaw of the murder squad said Russell was killed in cold blood and a strike force was set up to investigate his death.

Laidlaw said on the night of February 24, he was informed that there were many people yelling at Mr. Russell’s troops. There were people in the unit that day.

He added that it is unclear if the same people visited the unit in both cases.

“The investigation is ongoing and will continue for a long time. In essence, we will not give up,” he said.

Laidlaw said police were investigating a few people of interest but wouldn’t elaborate further.


As the investigation continues, police are renewing their appeal to the community to provide information that may be useful in the detective’s investigation.

Police Minister David Elliott said Russell’s death left a hole in the hearts of his loved ones.

“Of course, any murder is a horrifying thing the family has to deal with, and Mark’s family has had to live with it for the past two and a half years,” he said. “The reward is for a reason. It’s about making sure the community knows. In fact, anyone who knows the information takes this issue very seriously.”

If you have the information, we recommend contacting the 1800 33 3000 Crime Stopper.

Laura is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Place of originMillions of dollars reward for information about the murder of Sydney’s father

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