Milton Orkopoulos: Former MP Showed Teenager Condoms And Drugs, Court Says

Milton Orkopoulos showed a bag containing condoms and marijuana to a teenager who accompanied him to a workers’ meeting, the court heard.

Orkopoulos, 65, faces a trial in district court after pleading not guilty to previous child sex allegations.

A jury at Sydney’s Downing Center alleges Orkopoulos was sexually abused and drugged in a series of incidents in the Lake Macquarie region and the Mid North Coast of New South Wales between 1993 and 2003. I heard evidence from four men.

Orkopoulos, who was a member of Lake Macquarie City Council before serving as Swansea MP from 1999 to 2006, denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty to 28 counts.

Over the past few days, jurors have read testimony from several men who have given evidence in previous lawsuits.

The jury reportedly said the man’s testimony had nothing to do with the allegations against which Orchopoulos is being tried.

Rather, the royal prosecution has relied on past testimony as “evidence of tendency” to prove the allegations, but his defense counsel should not weigh it when it comes to the current allegations in court. I claim.

A juror on Friday said one man had previously told the court he joined the Labor Party at the age of 15 and was introduced to Orkopoulos a year later at a meeting of then-representative Jill Hall.

At the age of 16, he accompanied the Labor Party’s national convention in Darling Harbour, when he accepted an invitation from the then Swansea MP. There, Mark Latham, the national leader of the ALP at the time, was the keynote speaker.

The two climbed into Mr. Orkopoulos’ car and when they arrived at the Capitol, they asked Mr. Orkopoulos to open the glove box.

“Milton asked me to open the glove box,” the man said in testimony at the time.

“Inside the glove box was a condom packet with five or six packets and a stash of marijuana in what appeared to be a resealable bag.”

Under subsequent cross-examination in the previous case by Mr. Orkopoulos’ then-counsel, the men agreed that condoms were not involved in any of the interactions that weekend.

The man told the court that Orkopoulos chopped pots and rolled joints in the Capitol and smoked with them before driving to his hotel room.

According to the man’s testimony, Mr. Orchopoulos came out of the shower fully clothed when he was in bed.

“He didn’t look ready for bed…it must have been late at night,” the man said.

“Milton walked out and said, ‘I don’t trust myself. I’m going back to the Capitol.'”

The man said he was “worried” when Orchopoulos said he “didn’t trust himself.”

During cross-examination at the time, Orchopoulos’ defense attorney asked, “Is that what you imagined he said?”

“No,” said the man.

The court heard that the teenager and Mr. Orkopoulos were booked to stay in different hotel rooms on the second night of the meeting.

The man said Orkopoulos entered the boy’s room, smoked on the balcony and began talking about sexual relations with other men.

According to the man’s testimony, Orkopoulos was in bed when he returned from the balcony.

“He came back into the room and said, ‘I want to be with you,'” the man said, adding that Orkopoulos tried to rub his chest.

The man said he flinched, “frightened,” and walked away, telling Mr. Orchopoulos, “You’re not ready yet, are you a son?”

On another occasion, at a meeting inside Mr. Orkopoulos’ voter’s office, a man told the court at the time that a former minister for Aboriginal affairs began massaging his shoulders and chest.

“He said he wanted to massage my shoulders, so he walked over and started massaging my upper shoulders, reaching in front of my chest.

“He said I need to relax more.”

The man said Orkopoulos massaged him for 15 to 20 seconds before walking away.

Orkopoulos has pleaded not guilty to nine counts of sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16, seven counts of aggravated and obscene assault on a minor, and lewd conduct with a minor.

He also pleaded not guilty to eight counts of supplying cannabis to minors and one count of perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues on Monday.

Milton Orkopoulos: Former MP Showed Teenager Condoms And Drugs, Court Says

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