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A rocket launched by a Palestinian terrorist agent on Saturday misfired and hit a Palestinian home north of the Strip, killing several people, including a child, an Israeli military official said.

Initial reports from Gaza say seven civilians, including four children, have been killed in an Israeli attack on the Jabariya refugee camp. A photo circulating on social media showed seven body bags.

But military sources said the Israel Defense Forces had not carried out airstrikes in the area in recent hours, and rocket detection systems indicated a rocket launch that later exploded inside the refugee camp.

“On our radar, we see launches and impacts, and we see that they failed and attacked themselves,” the spokesperson said.

Another official added: It was clearly proven to be an Islamic Jihad rocket launch failure. “

Israeli news outlets aired a video shared on social media, citing the time and place it was filmed, said it appeared to show a failed launch. could not be verified.

Erad Teneh, Director of Public Diplomacy at the Prime Minister’s Office, added:

“This incident is an example of how Islamic Jihad has harmed the population of Gaza. Any harm done to innocent civilians is tragic.”

Keren Hajiov, Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s international spokesman, released a video statement, saying: I have a video recording the whole thing. There was no Israeli activity in the Gaza Strip, in the area, or at the time.

“Islamic Jihad is killing Palestinian children in Gaza. A quarter of the rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israel and landed inside the Gaza Strip,” she added. “The world should be outraged by this terrorist group that is targeting innocent Israelis and killing innocent people in Gaza. I will continue to stand up to.”

Palestinian terrorists have fired more than 350 rockets in Israel since Friday as part of a resurgence between the two sides. About 90 rockets have been in short supply in the Gaza Strip since Friday, according to the IDF.

The Israeli Air Force has carried out a number of strikes in Gaza targeting Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist groups as part of Operation Breaking Dawn, which began on Friday.

The operation comes after days of shutdowns and blockades in Israeli communities near the Strip after warnings of an impending attack prompted the PIJ to take revenge for arresting West Bank leaders earlier in the week. I was looking for

The Israeli leader said the operation was launched after the PIJ refused to back down on plans to strike Israeli targets at the border. Killed Islamic Jihad commanders and members of terrorist organizations who said they were preparing to “clean up”.

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Misfire Terrorist Rocket Kills Children – Australian Jewish News

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