Modern Masters: Reluctant Baby Boomers

My husband was born in 1964, so he belongs to the baby boomer generation. He doesn’t want to be a baby boomer, so he scoured the internet and found a source that said the first year of Generation X was his 1964, not his 1965. How can I convince him to confirm that his claim of not being a baby boomer is in fact a boomer?
SS, Canberra, ACT

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A: I was born in 1963 and don’t want to be a baby boomer either. Being on the tail end of Boomerdom means we’re all grouped together with his rapidly aging, goiter-necked, soup-slurping Doobie Brothers groover. This is not fair. I’m nothing like them.


I’m a fast-aging, goiter-necked, soup-slurping Hall & Oates hipster. I am still young and vibrant soul. And baby boomers have a bad reputation. They are seen as patronizing, power-obsessed wealth hoarders born in the post-war era of prosperity, the result of a drunken backseat quickie on his V-Day in 1945.

So I can see why your husband prefers Generation X. Generation X is seen as cynical lazy, Millennials are portrayed as spoiled wimps, Generation Z are all ADD narcissists, and Generation A is about 7 years old. In fact, the only generation anyone would want to be a part of is the Greatest Generation, who are currently in their early teens, so that’s not ideal either.


Tell your husband to embrace your Boomer-ness. And stop the cruel “Okay Boomer” abuse. Remember the great things baby boomers have done for the world. We gave the world disco. And made pine nuts popular. and other things too. we should be more respectful. Not particularly. but it’s okay. ”

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Modern Masters: Reluctant Baby Boomers

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