Mongolian biker boss Toby Mitchell rescued on suspicion of assault in South Yarra

Mongolian biker boss Toby Mitchell has been accused of hitting a man outside a cafe in Melbourne, but his lawyer said it was “the most minor case in the world.”

The 45-year-old President of Mongolia has been charged with tort, deliberately injured, and assaulted by common law in an alleged incident outside the Gilson Cafe in South Yarra on October 4.

When a bail application was filed at the Magistrates’ Court in Melbourne on Tuesday night, senior detective Lauren Kane said Mitchell repeatedly beat the victims outside the cafe, leaving him suspected of having a broken face.

However, the case captured on CCTV but not aired in court was described as “minor” by defense lawyer Damian Shields.

“This is the smallest case in the world,” Sheales told the court.

According to lawyers, the biker’s boss hit the victim three times with his “open hand.”

“What Mr. Mitchell is doing is hitting him three times with his open hand, and his companions don’t even lose his drink,” the lawyer said.

The court was told that the accused attacker and the alleged victim had known each other for years.

“We’re a little wondering why he wasn’t rescued at the police station,” Sheales said.

Mitchell emerged via a video link from a police station in a truck suit and blue face mask.

Police opposed bail and said Mitchell was afraid to interfere with witnesses, including victims who allegedly refused to make a statement because they were “afraid of his life.”

A few days after the incident, Det Kane told the court that up to 15 Mongolian bikers went to the cafe with “intimidation signs.”

She also said the alleged attack appeared to be “not provoked.”

Justice of the Peace John Bentley granted bail under strict conditions.

Mitchell must not be within 150 meters of the cafe, associate with Mongolians, leave the state, or contact witnesses.

Place of originMongolian biker boss Toby Mitchell rescued on suspicion of assault in South Yarra

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