More than 300 people were detained in Belarus during Sunday protests

Kiev, Ukraine: Belarusian officials said on Monday local time that more than 300 people were detained during the previous day’s protest against the authoritarian president of the country, which won a sixth term in a vote widely regarded as fraudulent.

The Interior Ministry said 317 people were detained during a rally against Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday. In the capital, Minsk, the ministry said that about 120,000 people attended the rally on Sunday and water cannons were used to disperse the crowd, according to rights groups. Police estimated the turnout to be about 10,000.

Police used water cannons at demonstrators at a rally in Minsk, Belarus on

In the city of Vitebsk, police used tear gas against protesters, according to the ministry. The majority of detainees — 258 — remain in custody until they appear in court.

Massive protests shook Belarus for almost two months, the largest being held on Sunday and attended by up to 200,000 people. Unprecedented anxiety was caused by the outcome of the August 9 presidential election, which won 80% of the votes for Lukashenko, who had been running Belarus with an iron fist for 26 years.

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