Mother pleads guilty to violating quarantine to buy groceries for hungry children

However, on September 24, when police went to the apartment to check the family, Najish and her two daughters had left the quarantine to buy essentials at a convenience store across the road. understood.

Checking CCTV footage revealed that the three mothers also violated the quarantine two days ago to buy groceries from the same store as their son.

Najish, who was not wearing a face mask, left the apartment for a total of 28 minutes.

Courts were told they were worried about the welfare of young children aged 4, 6, and 7 after their families ran out of food, and instead of waiting 24 hours, they crossed the road to milk and other necessities. I decided to get it. You will receive an online order.

Najish attorney Robert Lombardi, 40, knew she was doing something wrong, but said the problem was “at the bottom of the range of seriousness.”

Mamona Najish attorney Robert Lombardi said he was pleased with the results. credit:Malta Pasqual Huanora

He fined Najish and demanded that he be convicted, claiming that the criminal record would reduce her chances of finding a job as a chef in the future.

Judge Joe Randazzo said the case was not as serious as other violations, including the case of truck stowaway Usher van der Sanden, who sneaked across the border from Victoria without isolation. It was.

He said Najish, who emigrated from Pakistan to Australia, was otherwise a good person and was unlikely to violate the quarantine again in the future.

“This doesn’t mean someone goes to the hotel and enjoys it,” he said.

“This is when a mother who is worried about her child makes a mistake.”

However, he denied Mr. Lombardi’s request for a used conviction and said the situation was not unusual enough to admit it.

Nazish was found guilty of not following the instructions and was ordered to pay a $ 5,000 fine. The prosecution did not charge the cost.

Place of originMother pleads guilty to violating quarantine to buy groceries for hungry children

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