Ms. Marvel Director Meera Menon on Episode 3 Dance and Fight

According to Disney + released for episode 6 of “Ms. Marvel” This summer, POPSUGAR has a special panel discussion with cast and cast artists to bring the show to life. This week, director Meera Menon spoke with POPSUGAR on episode three, “Destined.”

There are some things that director Meera Menon is sure she wants in “Ms. Marvel” episode three: a song by Bon Jovi. Places around Kamala (Iman Vellani) associated with the marriage of his brother Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) to his fiancée Tyesha (Travina Springer). The event had two big lights: a dance performance where most of the audience performed for new songs and Kamala first battle, remarkably, for Bon Jovi’s The biggest hit, “Livin ‘of Request.”

“What I love about the show is that it’s a mix of young actors and superhero stuff.”

The idea for the Bon Jovi period came from a letter, which featured a face mask at the wedding by the name Brown Jovi. “We have been working with the music managers of the show to find out if we can get the rights to Bon Jovi’s music,” he told POPSUGAR. “I wrote a little letter to Bon Jovi explaining how big my fan is. I went to his concerts at Giant Stadium when I was young.”

“I think it means a lot to people from New Jersey,” he said. “But specifically, I wrote that it means a lot to immigrants. [The] The connection to American pop culture and American pop music that immigrants have is strong and meaningful. Using his music in a play felt appropriate to tell the story of this immigrant family from New Jersey. ”The artist gave them the green light.

In fact, there are other small moments when the audience can hear a snippet of one of his songs. When Bruno (Matt Lintz) asks Kamala to slow down dancing, Brown Jovi starts playing “Bed of Roses.” They are intercepted before the team can leave the first verse, however.

“When it comes to real combat, we have tried with a few different Bon Jovi tracks, but ‘Livin’ of Prayer is the most obvious,” Menon said. “Livin ‘on Request,” is, of course, about two boys from New Jersey trying to survive as thought impossible, which makes it a perfect song for Jersey girls. Kamala. During the battle, Kamala really starts to come into his own as a hero and make it easy with his power. Menon said that episodes two and three were deliberately set up to show his transformation as a hero. Menon said, “There is always the goal that he saves a child dangling from the church in the second is always to be a little improvised and more jagged and definitely more negative of the attempt at superhero rescue. “

He explained that “This celebration of the wedding is when everything will come together more of its own strength,” he explained. “His ability to really use his strength will come together a little clearer at the end of this episode.” When Bruno was in danger was when Kamala finally locked up its iconic punch try to save him.

Prior to the episode, the creative team also decided a lot on it which songs will be used while dancing friends and family perform for a couple. Menon explains, “We want something from the old school for dance parents, and then we want something happy and Bhangra-infused for kids dance, Menon explains. “And just getting the right combo of songs for that episode is not easy.”

The cast of Ms. Marvel dance

Then there is the dance itself. They led a dance troupe called BFunk to choreograph the company, and Menon says it’s as difficult as filming the fight scene. It’s important to Menon and the production leaders Sana Amanat that the dance is true because “there is a traditional dance of large South Asian weddings.” Amanat actually choreographed a dance for his cousin, and they poured over footage of the show. “I also had movies from my wedding of my dance friends,” Menon said. “We wanted the dances to be fun and good looking, but they could not be very good,” he explained. “We need to lean on the identity of each character and make sure they look like real people trying to dance.”

Like many of the actors and crew of “Ms. Marvel,” Menon was a fan long before he knew the show was going to happen. “My friend gave me a comic book years ago, and I saw the cap, and she had a brown girl with bangles and this scarf,” she said. “And I was like, ‘Oh man, when Marvel does something with this, I hope I’re just doing something in the job to decide to be a part of it.'” Menon was overjoyed when he suggested it to be. directing the second and third sections. “I know this is a time in Jersey City and a testament to this great culture that, to me, is the heart of the show and the heart of the character. like and distract me, ”he explains.

These two episodes also spent a lot of time building friendships between Kamala and Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher). In section three, we see that Nakia has won the election for the mosque board, only time will have to be saved. Department of Damage Control out of their sacred place. “He was able to communicate confidence when the situation called for it,” Menon said of the character. “But it’s true, at the end of the day, just a kid who was involved, considered him like everyone else.”

At the end of episode three, Nakia learns the secret Kamala and Bruno have kept from him: the powerful daughter is Kamala. It is devastating. “What I love about this show is the mashup of the usual young actors and superhero equipment,” Menon explains. “The moment Nakia finds out and the secret that Kamala has around this growing force is like a show of friendship that you can imagine between the two girls.” Instead of letting the boyfriend or girlfriend, it is a secret power. But this is “Ms. Marvel,” the stakes too high for them to have a full fight – still. Menon said: “What I love about working with all these artists is that it feels like they come together and make real friends after a real event can come on the screen, Menon said. That makes the situation even more stressful, because their friendship is in balance.

Part three also has some twists and turns between Kamala and his parents who try to give him advice. For Menon, they are a good reminder of the potential impact on Kamala as he tries to figure out what to do next. Menon said: “These events only remind us of the love and security and beauty of these connections in his life before everything started to go out on vacation and the stakes are higher, ”Menon said. At the end of the episode, like Kamala and his mother went to Pakistan, where everything can happen next.

The new episode of “Ms. Marvel” flows on Wednesdays at Disney +.

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