Multiple Crime Scenes, Police Talk to 5 People at Deadly Shooting

After providing police with vague information about what happened, the man was airlifted by the emergency department to McKay Base Hospital, where he was in critical condition.

He underwent surgery and was deemed to be in “serious but stable condition” Thursday night, according to a spokesman for Mackay Hospital and Health Services.

Police were dispatched from the surrounding area and at 11:30 am attempted to set up a no-go zone over large areas of the country in hopes of containing those responsible.

Police were warned to stay away from vehicles, including the media’s helicopter, as they tried to prevent further shootings. By 2:30 p.m., police located the body and moved it through the restricted area.

Police searched Bogey’s coppice and pasture after receiving a triple murder call.

On Thursday afternoon, McKay District Police Superintendent Tom Armitt said the “murderer or killer” was still at large in an area he described as remote, hilly and heavily forested.

Armitt said survivors had traveled “many kilometers” to raise the alarm.

“Initially, when the man spoke to us, he was clearly in a distressed state,” he said.

“There was some confusion as to where the shooting occurred.


“We don’t know who is responsible.

“We have no indication as to why this happened.”

According to the latest census, there are 207 people in Bogey, nearly two-thirds of whom are men.

The nearest major employer is the Glencore Mine in Collinsville, but there are a number of large animal husbandry facilities.

Police remained tight-lipped on Thursday amid speculation of a border dispute over ownership of adjacent pastures and shares. According to unconfirmed reports, two of his five people interviewed may have witnessed the operation of the wind farm.

Multiple Crime Scenes, Police Talk to 5 People at Deadly Shooting

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