My Kitchen Rules: Kate and Mary Bring Drama to the 2022 Season

After a two-year hiatus and a change of judges, My Kitchen Rules finally returned to our screens on Sunday night.

The Channel 7 cooking show’s 12th season premiere returns Foundation jury French chef Manu Fieldel alongside British home-cooking queen Nigella Lawson.

Lawson was announced as a new judge earlier this year. The network parted ways with former judge Pete Evans next much controversy.

After declining ratings in 2019 and 2020, with viewers criticizing the format for overdoing it with drama, Seven promised the series would return to its core values ​​of “real food and real people” in 2022. .

But it looks like there’s still a little room left in the old-fashioned reality TV battle, with one new contestant likely to be the “villain” of this year’s MKR after criticizing all the other palates.

start things MKRMore‘s debut episode was father-daughter duo Peter and Alice, welcoming judges and contestants in a modest home in the small Victorian town of Teutons.

Their menu was tempting, but the pair got off to a rocky start with their entree of “Sunday roast” croquettes.

While most of the contestants seemed to enjoy their food, Queensland representatives Kate and Mary, who describe themselves as ‘fine diners’, were less than pleased.

“Some of the other contestants loved the croquettes. Maybe that shows the kind of taste they have,” Kate said to the camera.

Mary added: I think they completely missed it. “

The judges eventually agreed with Mary’s point of view, telling Peter and Alice that the entrees did not quite live up to the title, given that the beef cheek filling was braised rather than roasted.

Having bounced back from their defeat, the two served a delicious main course of crumbled lamb chops with minted peas, and Feidel said the meat was “cooked to perfection.”

But things plummeted from there, and their dessert, Grandma’s Lemon Tasty Pudding, was woefully undercooked.

Lawson said she was “heartbroken” by the pair, adding, “I really wanted to see the smile back on your face.”

The group was equally devastated by Peter and Alice, especially given that the recipe has been passed down through generations.

“We really wanted them to do well after the entree,” said NSW “fashionista friends” Arnott and Faz. It was an added pressure.”

Elsewhere, Kate was a little less empathetic.

“I literally thought my grandma was on the wall over there the whole time. She wouldn’t be happy with that lemony taste,” said Kate, who later described the dish as “inedible.” dubbed.

Most contestants gave Peter and Alice overall scores of 5 and 6, while Kate and Mary settled for the lowest score of 4.

Kate and Mary are set to cook next on Monday night’s episode, and Kate thinks the cohorts will be “impressed.”

“I think we are a threat,” added Mary.

My Kitchen Rules continues on Channel 7 on Mondays at 7:30 pm

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My Kitchen Rules: Kate and Mary Bring Drama to the 2022 Season

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