MYOB buys 73% of workforce management vendors

MYOB buys a majority stake (73%) in Roubler, a workforce management platform (WFM).

Although the investment is private, MYOB will integrate Roubler’s WFM capabilities into its ERP and PS suite, MYOB Advanced, to provide an end-to-end business management platform.

The company claims that this will be the first vendor in the A / NZ midmarket to offer ERP, PS, and WFM in the cloud on a single integrated platform.

MYOB Enterprise General Manager Kim Clarke (Above photo, right) Is a complex and costly task to maintain a multi-vendor platform across ERP, PS, and WFM, and there is pressure on the business only when new requirements for compliance, mobility, and flexibility emerge. It says it will increase.

“Customers were very clear to us.’Easy. Give us a single all-in-one platform. We are very proud to be able to offer this to our customers. According to our market research , Nearly two-thirds (65%) of customers want to buy ERP, PS, and WFM solutions from a single vendor. “

Features offered to customers are end-to-end systems that enable agility and flexibility, including onboarding, rostering, managing time and attendance, and paying staff. ..

“We knew we needed the best solution on the market to provide the best all-in-one solution to the midmarket. For us, Roubler is the best choice. They have a very keen customer focus. We’re using it to build AI-enabled workforce management solutions using the latest technology stacks and frameworks. In essence, what Roubler has built to receive and receive customer feedback. We can turn it into a unique and powerful solution for our customers quickly and at low cost. Roubler’s solutions and team are impressive and we are excited to work with them, “Clark said. I will add.

Roubler’s workforce management software is in increasing demand due to the growing need for flexibility and scalability.

Roubler Founder and CEO Andrew Northcott (Above photo, left) States that this investment will not only enable further acceleration of the product roadmap, including the provision of new features and enhancements, but will also enable businesses to continue to expand their international operations.

“We are very excited about this new chapter for our business. When we start, we will not only be relevant, but will change the industry Labor force management We wanted to build a solution. With MYOB, we can not only find collaborative partners and shareholders, but also align with our values, understand our vision and stay best in class. We have found a partner that can be expanded to create more value for our clients. “

According to Frost & Sullivan, MYOB is estimated to be worth more than $ 1 billion across Australia and New Zealand, with approximately 50,000 medium-sized companies in Australia and 10,000 companies in New Zealand.

MYOB buys 73% of workforce management vendors

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