Netflix’s Wednesday Series: Cast, Trailer, Release Date

The 90s Wednesday Addams were more than happy to pass the light on Jenna Ortega. June 11, Christina Ricci: Do you want more followers? tell Many things that he was happy to see the star “Scream” into the role of the iconic symbol of the set of “Wednesday.”

“Jenna is incredible,” Ricci said. “I saw some wardrobe photos before I went [to set] so I know [what she looked like in character] and I like, it seems like a daily routine on Wednesdays. It is tonally true for the mind and the soul [the original]but then it’s unbelievably modern and it’s great. “

Although he is no longer playing on Wednesday, Ricci will be appearing in future Netflix movies, and the star told Many he was happy to have descended into the gothic world of “The Addams Family. ” “It’s hilarious,” the “Yellowjackets” star told the media. “I love working with Tim [Burton]. I have worked with Gwendoline Christie, it was fantastic. “

Back in 2021, Netflix ordered an eight-part series that was simply called “Wednesday” as the eldest Addams child who features him as we have not seen him before. Ortega will star in the tag. June 6, Netflix Released for the first time on the new film, Ortega shows off its full Wednesday outfit, including Yam.

Ortega also posted a picture of himself in full view Wednesday on Instagram.

Back in January, Ortega opened up about the progress of the project and collaborated with director Tim Burton. He says The Hollywood Reporter“It was a very strange experience. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with an iconic director who just happened to be one of the best directors I have ever worked with, and still the most extensive. “

He explained, “Getting into the shoes of someone who is unbelievable and scary has made me really happy, and the real challenge – especially with the attitude which I love, I want to take care of him and do his justice. ”

Ortega talks about the spirit of the sports character who has been so loved, explaining, “This is, there are so many different ways that anyone can make this character. We have not seen Wednesday Addams as a girl, so some of his heaviest attitude can be fun when he is young, but as you grow older, how much will you run or what will you do? First of all his behavior without people growing up to dislike him or find him frustrated.So try to balance that … I have never had a stressful job, and I’m trying to keep me cool. “

He also said that it’s different how it looks like Wednesday compared to his usual, bubbly self, saying, “I think it’s a physical change that I’ve done before ; I cut my hair, and it’s black, and behaved cautiously, speaking cadence. “I think it was a surprise for the audience, but myself too.”

Read on for everything we know about “Wednesday.”

– Additional announcement by Sabienna Bowman.

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Netflix’s Wednesday Series: Cast, Trailer, Release Date Source link Netflix’s Wednesday Series: Cast, Trailer, Release Date

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