New Hyundai Sonata Turbo N-Line Review

of Hyundai Sonata N Line A rebel with a reason. A car with classic charm for those who prefer a sports sedan to a tall SUV.

there is a waiting list

The auto industry has been turned upside down by Covid. Semiconductor shortages, factory closures, and shipment delays have resulted in tight inventories and a 3-month waiting list. sonata n line.

If you’re not picky about color, you might get one right away. The waiting list makes it sound like the car is in very high demand, but sales are actually very low. It’s a shame because the price tag on the street is a hefty $56,800, but it’s actually pretty good value.

Sedan may be less popular these days, but they are easier to drive and better equipped than similarly priced SUVs.

Comes with cool tech

The N-Line is the only model in the Sonata range and comes fully equipped.

It has a large center touchscreen and heads-up display that projects important driving data such as speed, navigation and safety warnings onto the windshield.

There’s also a high-definition digital display in front of the driver that shows a video feed of the blind spots that are activated when the indicators are turned on.

You can configure the screen to your liking, and the screen glows red when sport mode is selected. Other highlights include a wireless charging pad and a 12-speaker Bose audio system.

Styling is not for everyone

The Sonata’s sharp creases and angles aren’t to everyone’s taste, but after a week on the driveway, you start to warm up to it.

Interior with a sporty impression. Sport seats in solid suede and nappa leather are embossed with the N logo, representing Hyundai’s performance division.

The perforated leather sport steering wheel has red stitching and the N logo at the base. Seat heaters are also fitted, as are the front and outboard rear seats. Rear-seat passengers benefit from window blinds, air conditioning vents and a single USB output. The trunk is a good size and can be opened by putting a foot under the car.

Safety is top notch

Sonata It features a comprehensive array of driver assistance. Automatic emergency braking picks up pedestrians and cyclists, lane keeping works smoothly, and blind spot alerts are among the best. While you hit the brakes, Active Cruise comes to a complete stop, allowing you to take off again in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It also warns you if you attempt to cross a dangerous intersection and sounds an alarm if a child tries to open the rear door while your car is passing.

it’s a fun drive

The Sonata N-Line is Hyundai i30N Hot Hatch But there are still plenty of grunts under the hood.

The 2.5-litre turbo produces 213kW and 422Nm with a wide range of maximum torque at low revs. This results in brisk acceleration for overtaking and attractive in-gear performance.

The rest of the mechanical package is also pretty sound.

The steering wheel pulls a bit when exiting corners at full power, but the suspension strikes a good balance between sportiness and refinement.

The ride is so firm that you wouldn’t expect it to be a family sedan, but it’s never uncomfortable. Sharp steering adds to the fun, and Sport mode makes the car even more reflexive.

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New Hyundai Sonata Turbo N-Line Review

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