New Mexico Study Reveals Bigger Penis Means Outgoing Personality

People with larger penises are perceived as more sociable and more attractive, while the opposite is true for those with smaller penises, according to a new study.

First published in a magazine in August sexuality and culturethe article recently went viral, thanks to a woman who described a men’s measurement study. Instagram’s Fun to watch.

“For this study, we tested what kind of first impression you were making about your personality, judging solely by your d**k pictures,” Poster said. new york post report.

An unidentified lecturer known for posting viral science explainers in their underwear worked with the science site PsyPost to interpret research conducted by scientists at the University of New Mexico Highlands.

Scientists reportedly conducted the test with the aim of investigating ‘what information can be inferred from photos of unfamiliar penises’.

To determine the correlation between the presentation of strangers’ penises and how they are perceived, the researchers asked 106 men (80% of whom were women) with varying girth, length and amount of pubic hair24. showed a picture of his penis.

After viewing the images, participants were asked to guess whether the owner was extroverted, slept in bed, trustworthy, anxious, and other personality traits.

They found an undeniable link between penis size and how one’s personality is perceived. However, smaller genitals were perceived as the opposite.

“Apparently, thin penises become nervous, thick penises extroverted, receptive to new experiences, sexually active, sleep better in bed, and become ‘pillow princesses. It’s less and more pleasing,” ScienceFam said.

“Long penises made the same impression.”

Studies have shown that average-sized penises fell in the middle of the personality index spectrum.

Interestingly, the opposite rule holds true for pubic hair, and in terms of public perception, less is more.

While this study may seem superficial, the scientists stress that their work is valuable for determining that people can formulate impressions based solely on the presentation of the penis. did.

“While most studies have prioritized headshots and biographies of potential partners, our findings highlight how penile photos contribute to the overall perception of a person in the digital space. We have taken steps to investigate,” the scientist wrote.

In fact, Science Femme praised the study’s authors for being “amazingly awake and self-aware.”

“I’m impressed with how they acknowledge that perceptions of masculinity based on penis size are associated with greater sexism and greater sexual narcissism. New red flags on the list.” please add,” she said.

This story was originally new york post Reprinted with permission

New Mexico Study Reveals Bigger Penis Means Outgoing Personality

Source link New Mexico Study Reveals Bigger Penis Means Outgoing Personality

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