New South Wales bee hives destroyed by mites

The NSW government’s response to this year’s varroa mite outbreak has moved to the ‘euthanasia and disposal phase’.

All hives within identified eradication zones, including parts of the Newcastle, Central Coast and Port Stephens areas, will be destroyed, even those that are free of varroa mite.

Destruction is necessary to completely eradicate ticks, said Satendra Kumar, chief plant protection officer at the NSW Primary Industries Authority.

“It’s important to eradicate not only known sites of infection, but future hosts where the parasite may be harboring,” Dr. Kumar said.

“Eradication efforts start at the outer edge of the Varroa mite eradication red zone and work its way toward the center.”

The next phase of eradication will come as two more infected facilities were identified in the state on Friday.

The number of infected facilities in the state reached 99.

Agriculture Minister Dugald Sanders announced on Friday that beekeepers who have their hives, honey or equipment destroyed will be eligible for refunds.

Recreational beekeepers can charge $550 per hive. Commercial operators will be reimbursed at least the estimated market value of hives and honey.

Both newly identified buildings are located near existing infected buildings.

“All confirmed cases are clearly related or geographically related to existing cases,” the DPI said Saturday.

The tick was first detected in a biosecurity surveillance hive in Newcastle Harbor in June.

New South Wales bee hives destroyed by mites

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