New South Wales has recorded six COVID-19 cases, and Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller is concerned about mask shortages.

New South Wales recorded more cases of local infections last week, primarily in the southwestern and western regions of Sydney.


On Sunday, the state recorded five new cases, including two returning international travelers.

One of the three local cases was under investigation and the other two were linked to known cases. One was linked to Liverpool’s private clinic cluster and the other was social contact with a previous case of unknown cause.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said today Her locals “have done their best” to follow NSW Health’s guidance, but she believes that fatigue has begun.

“When I shopped locally yesterday, I was the only one who wore a mask, but a month ago everyone wore a mask,” Cr Waller said.

“So I think we have to be careful that we are frustrated … this is a very contagious disease and we must continue to prevent what we are doing.”

Three months after the Crossroads Hotel outbreak, southwest Sydney continues to be a hotspot for the coronavirus, and health officials are urging residents to come forward for testing.

There are at least 26 cases associated with the outbreak of coronavirus at Liverpool Hospital, called the institution’s “dialysis cluster,” which includes hospital health care workers identified almost two weeks after no infection was confirmed last week. It is.

In addition, eight cases identified last week are associated with Liverpool’s private clinics. The first source of infection at the clinic is still unknown.

Another cluster spread to the emergency departments of Liverpool Hospital and Concord Hospital, increasing to more than 20 in August.

Cr Waller’s comments came after Labor updated its call for a mandatory mask for public transport from August.

Chris Mins, an opposition transportation spokesman, said on Sunday, “Wearing a mask on public transport will stop the spread, save lives, save jobs and maintain the economy during this difficult time. Will help. “

Transport Minister Andrew Constance reported last week that the use of masks on public transport is declining, but whether the government will revisit its approach and mandate masks on buses, trains and ferries. Did not mention.


“We urge everyone on public transport to wear a mask in addition to practicing proper personal hygiene, physical distance, and not traveling if they feel unwell.” He said. “If you find a crowded service, please wait for the next service.”

More than 2.8 million tests have been conducted in New South Wales, with 7391 reported on Sunday, down from 12,823 the day before.

“The number of these tests is much less than we would like,” said Dr. Macanalti, urging people to go ahead for tests if the symptoms are even the mildest.

“This is important throughout the state, but especially in western and southwest Sydney,” he said.

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Rachel Clan is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mary Ward is a reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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