New South Wales Premier denies promising David Elliott a job outside of politics.Politics of New South Wales

Premier of New South Wales, Dominic Perrotethe and David Elliott told a Sydney radio station they were talking about jobs the transport minister could possibly do after retiring from politics, but denied any promises had been made.

It’s the first time a prime minister under pressure has responded directly to a report over the weekend that offered Elliott a job in foreign trade or an agent general in London.

Perrotett was speaking just before the former Deputy Prime Minister John Barillaro He made a much-anticipated appearance before the New South Wales Legislative Committee and was to be scrutinized as to how he got the job on the U.S. Commerce Commission.

Perrotett told 2GB on Monday morning, “The allegations about creating a role that I give to anyone outside of politics are completely false and offensive.”

“David Elliot was never promised anything other than politics.

“It’s very offensive and wrong.”

Nine News reports that Elliott and the prime minister discussed post-political jobs after the transport minister expressed interest in running for a federal seat in the May election, but then changed his mind.

“There will be occasional discussions about when someone retires and what they want to do,” Perrotet said.

He said other roles had been discussed and did not deny that the NSW Governor’s job had been brought up.

“Occasionally I ask my colleagues to talk about how they can play a role in the NSW Legislature to continue serving the people of NSW.

“These are natural conversations that prime ministers and prime ministers have with their teams,” he said.

Meanwhile, the New South Wales Department of Labor will expand its investigation into Barillaro’s appointment and will also consider the role of other lucrative overseas bases.

The former NSW Nationals leader resigned in June, less than two weeks after his appointment was announced, saying his position was no longer acceptable.

last week’s incident claimed the scalp of the trade ministerStuart Ayers indicated that he had not kept an appropriate distance from the recruitment process after a draft report from another inquiry run by the prime minister and cabinet.

On Sunday, NSW Legislative Council Labor leader Penny Sharp, who is a member of the committee running the inquiry, said he wanted to look at the wider picture. How All Senior Trade and Investment Commissioners Are Appointed.

“We aim to expand the terms of reference for the study to include all the roles of senior members of the Trade and Investment Commission,” Sharp said.

“I will also clarify the reasons and involvement of ministers within the government in the appointment of these positions and will pursue further calls for papers to be made available to the public.”

Labor has pledged to abolish all senior trade and investment committee roles if it wins the March 2023 state elections.

On Friday, NSW Public Service Commissioner Kathrina Law appeared before the inquiry and testified that if there was more transparency in the recruitment process, she would. Never endorsed Barillaro’s candidacy.

New South Wales Investment Secretary Amy Brown will also give evidence on Monday, recording her third attendance before the investigation.

New South Wales Premier denies promising David Elliott a job outside of politics.Politics of New South Wales

Source link New South Wales Premier denies promising David Elliott a job outside of politics.Politics of New South Wales

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