New South Wales Prime Minister Dom Perrott reacts to David Elliott’s report

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet has slammed “false and offensive” claims that he promised one of his ministers non-existent parliamentary trade jobs and public service roles abroad.

A bold report in the Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday said Mr Perrottette had spoken to Transport Minister David Elliott about his agent-general position in London or about creating a non-existent parliamentary secretary trade post. claimed to have spoken.

The Chief of Staff in London is a statutory appointment, meaning that it falls under the responsibility of a civil servant rather than a minister.

Perrotett responded to the article for the first time on Monday, calling it “wrong and offensive.”

On 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live, he said, “The allegations regarding the creation of roles I give to anyone outside of politics are completely false and offensive.

“David Elliott was never promised a job outside of politics…that is very offensive and wrong.”

However, the prime minister did not deny talking to Mr Elliott about jobs he might take after retiring from politics.

“There will be occasional discussions about when someone will retire from doing what they want to do,” Perrotet said.

“We have considered many options for Minister Elliott to continue serving the people of NSW in the Cabinet.

“It’s a normal, natural conversation that prime ministers and leaders have with their colleagues.”

Perrotet said he would not go into details of his personal conversation with Elliot or the roles they discussed.

At the time, Elliott was not interested in fighting again in the next election and discussed a role that “he could be part of the team going forward,” he said.

For the NSW government, this claim comes with caution as the ongoing crisis with the John Barillaro saga continues to unfold.

A seven-week parliamentary inquiry into how the former deputy prime minister rose to the highly paid New York trade commissioner has given Mr Perrott many headaches, and NSW liberal deputy leader Stuart Ayers said last week: He resigned because of his role in the matter.

Mr. Barillaro will make his long-awaited first appearance in the investigation on Monday.

first published as New South Wales Prime Minister Dom Perrotet denies promising jobs for minister

New South Wales Prime Minister Dom Perrott reacts to David Elliott’s report

Source link New South Wales Prime Minister Dom Perrott reacts to David Elliott’s report

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