New tensions erupt in Karabakh, 3 soldiers killed

Fresh tensions erupted in Nagorno-Karabakh on Wednesday, killing three soldiers and Azerbaijan said it took control of several strategic highlands in the conflict area.

The escalation immediately drew international condemnation, with Russia accusing Baku of violating a fragile ceasefire agreement and the European Union urging an “immediate cessation of hostilities.”

In the aftermath of the recent war, Armenia was forced to cede territory it had controlled for decades, and Russia deployed some 2,000 peacekeepers to oversee a fragile ceasefire. Despite the ceasefire agreement, tensions persist.

The Azerbaijan Defense Ministry said Karabakh forces targeted army positions in the Lachin district under the supervision of Russian peacekeepers and killed Azerbaijani conscripts.

The breakaway state’s military accused Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire, killing two soldiers and injuring another 14.

Armenia has called on the international community to help Azerbaijan stop its “aggressive behavior” after a flare-up.

Armenia has accused Azerbaijan of trying to unilaterally change the Rachin Corridor connecting Armenia and Karabakh.

“Azerbaijani forces have violated the ceasefire regime around the Saribaba highlands,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

– “Indispensable to prevent escalation” –

The European Union has called for an “immediate cessation of hostilities” between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in Karabakh.

“The European Union remains committed to overcoming tensions and continuing its engagement towards sustainable peace and stability in the South Caucasus,” he added.

In his statement, he also called for a “negotiated, comprehensive and sustainable solution to all remaining issues” related to the conflict.

Six weeks of fighting in the fall of 2020 claimed more than 6,500 lives and ended in a ceasefire brokered by Russia.

Oil-rich countries have vowed to repopulate reclaimed lands.

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first published as New tensions erupt in Karabakh, 3 soldiers killed

New tensions erupt in Karabakh, 3 soldiers killed

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