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25 minutes: St. James’ Park now has a carnival atmosphere. Thousands of people wave scarves in the air. As colorful as black and white.

23 minutes: …and come to think of it, longstaff has hat trick Just over 20 minutes into the game, I missed a great chance from 6 yards out. Like him, or as anyone else associated with Newcastle now cares!

goal! Newcastle United 2-0 Southampton (Longstaff 21); 3-0 aggregate

this is like that good team goal. Willock and Joelinton combine on the left and tiptoe down the touchline at speed. Willock cut into the box and easily passed Ryanko. He cuts back Almiron’s channel and Almiron fizzes the first low cross into the path of the surging Longstaff. Presented with a free hit from the penalty spot, Longstaff shot to the bottom right. No messing around! What a move! The saints who were torn apart in such an elan!

19 minutes: Guimaraes appears to launch another attack on Newcastle, only to be crudely shoved into the chest by Diallo, who was a little lucky not to be in the book.

18 minutes: Wilson closes Bazunu when the Saints keeper tries to play from behind. Bazunu is forced to drive clearance into the stands. Given no other choice, Bazunu gives his teammates what they are for.

16 minutes: Trippier strokes a path down Almiron’s inside light channel. Bazunu read the danger well and raced to the edge of the box to choke Amilon’s feet before the Newcastle man fired a shot. This is all toon.

14 minutes: Salis prepares to clear a long ball. He was cornered by Almiron and the ball was on goal. Newcastle does not calm visitors down at all. There are no quarters.

13 minutes: Trippier’s corner is flicked by Shah. The ball heads in, but Bazunu manages to hit it with something and deflect it to another corner. Nothing came out of the second set-piece, but it was the start for Newcastle. The saints hang here by their claws.

12 minutes: Joelinton pulls away from Ryanko with incredible ease and rips through the left wing. He powers into the box, but with two teammates waiting in the middle, he chooses to shoot himself, his effort going over the bar in another corner to the left. be distracted.

11 minutes: Trippier plays short and receives the ball immediately. It’s not in character and he laughs in response.

10 minutes: Willock steps left and wins the first corner of the match. Tripia to take.

9 minutes: The saint will try to counterattack quickly. A long pass down the right inside channel is chased by Adams. The ball broke to the right for Armstrong and hit the first bobbler off the edge of the box towards the goal. It’s easy for Pope who hasn’t conceded a goal in 10 games.

8 minutes: There should be two. Almiron goes right and almost reaches the corner flag. He cut back for Guimaraes and drew two Saints his defenders before sliding a pass into Longstaff’s right channel. The local lad touches the inside to tee himself up…but whips right wide from 6 yards. If it hit, Bazunu wouldn’t stand a chance.

7 minutes: It was a very nice team goal from Newcastle’s point of view, but Walker-Peters was easily beaten by Trippier and Armstrong failed to keep up with Longstaff’s run. I have. already.

goal! Newcastle United 1-0 Southampton (Longstaff 5); 2-0 aggregate

Guimaraes dribbles infield from the left flank. The ball stuck to his leg as he passed several players. The ball was switched to Trippier on the right by Longstaff, who easily passed Walker-Peters into the box before teeing Longstaff, who was continuing down the channel. to fire a low shot to the bottom left. St James’ Park erupts!

Sean Longstaff scored for Newcastle United to make it 1-0. Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt/AMA/Getty Images

3 minutes: The Saints give the Shah so much room to move forward. He slid his longstaff into the right inside ditch. Longstaff searches for Wilson at the Near Post. Wilson pokes harmlessly.

2 minutes: However, the pitch is quiet during the opening exchanges. Soccer can be funny like that.

Both teams met and the final words of inspiration were delivered…and Newcastle started their second leg. “The atmosphere here wonderful,says Ally McCoist, Sky’s co-commentator. No small tribute from the former Sunderland star.

The team is out! Newcastle wears its famous black and white stripes, Southampton Even the head of Haight-Ashbury ’67 sports a swirling psychedelic aquamarine number that would have thought twice about wearing out. The atmosphere at James Park was already exciting enough, but the welcoming onto the pitch of newcomers Anthony Gordon and Harrison Ashby made it even better. Gordon especially looks it was excited to be there. In terms of sheer topicality and positivity, St. His James is a far cry from Goodison Park right now. We’re leaving in a few minutes!

Nathan Jones tells Sky Sports. “We have to believe that we can do it … they are not going to lose a lot of games so they have to put in a good performance. but anything can happen in a one off game so that’s how we deal with it… we had 3 games in a week… had to make sure we’re all in… today me is the strongest team I can put out… James Brie is a good athlete who understands how I want to play.The atmosphere can be positive…The big leagues of English football A great opportunity to reach the semi-finals in one of the cathedrals…we are looking forward to the challenge.”

It’s worth remembering that the first leg struggled a bit towards the end. Duje Caleta-Car was ordered to pack up in the 87th minute for a second yellow card violation, an ironic check against mid-flight Allan Saint-Maximin. His first yellow of the evening was probably also a straight red, an equally poor second-half scythe from Miguel Almiron. On the other side of the dugout sits Jacob Murphy, ironically saying goodbye to the Saints defender who packed up last week. In response, Karetaka briefly considered throwing his hand in a slightly more direct manner, but wisely chose to leave, perhaps without further incident. Whether it was lightly assumed to be unavailable, one has to wonder what would happen tonight in terms of retaliation if both players came off the bench in the second half with the Saints four goals out. Let’s be clear, no one wants to see this game degenerate into a dust cloud of comic strips with fists and boots sticking out. Doesn’t anyone think of the children? But it would still be a compelling scenario.

Now let's see how this unfolds.
Now let’s see how this unfolds. Photo: David Klein/Reuters

Eddie Howe speaks to Skye. “We are very keen to perform to the maximum … There is a lot of talk about the team and where we are in the competition … I hope that is shown today in a positive way. …We want to try to win the game.Today we will approach it more like a league game without thinking about leads or cushions.”

He also paid tribute to the £45million deal for Anthony Gordon from Everton. “I’m really happy to have him. He’s a player with a lot of potential. He fits our style of play very well. It fits our style very well.

Newcastle United’s starting line-up remains unchanged from the first leg. Unless it’s broken, right?

Southampton have made four changes to their squad sent to St Mary’s last week. Adam Armstrong, Che Adams, Jan Bednarek and newcomer James Bree. Sekou Mara, Misraf Orsic and Duje Carreta Kerr are on the bench, while Moussa Djenepo is out for good.


Newcastle United: Pope, Trippier, Botman, Shah, Byrne, Guimaraes, Longstaff, Willock, Almiron, Joelinton, Wilson.
Submarines: Darlow, Dummett, Russells, Saint Maximin, Richie, Lewis, Isaac, Murphy, Anderson.

Southampton: Bazunu, Bully, Lyanko, Bednarek, Salis, Walker-Peters, Diallo, Alcaraz, Ward-Prowse, Armstrong, Adams.
Submarines: Caballero, Perot, Caleta Carr, Lavia, Eriunushi, Orsic, Alibo, Edzi, and Mara.


This time last week, this happened…

… and now newcastle united 90 minutes to reach the League Cup final for the first time since 1976. If they are able and the total scores are tied at the end of the match, it will go to extra time and possibly penalties. A world of possibilities unfolds in front of both teams. Kickoff is at 8pm. It’s on!

Newcastle v Southampton: Carabao Cup Semi-Final Second Leg – Live | Carabao Cup

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