Nico Rosberg has delivered the first RIMAC Nevera Electric Hypercar with almost 2000HP

Former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg has delivered the world’s fastest production car, the RIMAC Nevera. This all-electric hypercar goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds, 412 km/h and gets it all from a 120 kWh battery pack.

Rosberg went to RIMAC HQ in Zagreb to pick up the 1,914HP RIMAC Nevera. This is the 150th first plate 001 of Nevera is created.

Since his time in Formula 1, Rosberg has done a lot to advance and promote electric vehicles and renewable energy. His YouTube channel has more than 128 million views on him. He also leads the team for Extreme E, an all-electric off-road racing series. Roseburg X Racing (Who currently leading Championship).

Rosberg says the Nevera is his dream hypercar. The car is nice and full of carbon fiber. One of my favorite features of him is having cameras in the car. This may sound strange at first, but as Mate Rimac explains, this means the driver takes the car to the track, skips the GoPro, and uses the built-in camera to record the action. in order to be able to After the race is over, simply open the app on your smartphone and download the footage. You also have the option to use smart vehicle telemetry to holistic your footage.

To get into the car, you can choose between a rather flashy and uniquely designed key fob, a smartphone app, or facial recognition from a camera embedded in the B-pillar.

One of the things they discussed during the transition was future software updates. It’s not in your vehicle yet, but coming soon is an automatic track mode that will teach you to be a better driver. It supports all the big trucks in Europe, USA and Japan and RIMAC actually has a team to map these trucks. If you take him to a track he’s never seen before, in a few laps he can map the circuit and calculate the best line through the corners to set his best lap time.

Rosberg delves into this Driver Coach topic and asks a great question: “How far is the self-driving driver from the real driver?” The answer was quite astonishing. Their best truck today rivals his driver. Rimac explains that this is only true if the conditions are perfect. In particular, we are working to address various factors such as tire deterioration, wet weather, and unforeseen events (let’s say the driver in front of you crashes).

The video is 20 minutes long and worth watching.

Last November, RIMAC announced it would join Bugatti Automobiles. Rimac Group is the majority shareholder of Bugatti Rimac with his 55% stake. Founder Mate Rimac held 35%, Porsche 22%, Hyundai Motor Group 11% and other investors 32%. Recent investments from Goldman Sacs and Softbank have also put his current valuation above $2 billion.

Nico Rosberg has delivered the first RIMAC Nevera Electric Hypercar with almost 2000HP

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