Nine loses bid to reduce defamation payments for 60 minutes

Nine Network has lost a bid to reduce $ 3.6 million in damages to a wealthy Queensland family who was defamed in a 2011 report on Grantham’s deadly flood.

The Wagner brothers in Toowoomba 60 minutes According to a May 2015 report, they mistakenly implied that they were responsible for the destruction of the town and the deaths of 12 people.

They claimed that the report hinted that the collapse of the walls of the Rocky Valley quarry they owned caused an “artificial catastrophe.”

A report entitled “The Missing Hour” described the water wall that fatally hit Grantham as an “inland tsunami.”

The report did not explicitly condemn the deaths of the four Wagner brothers, but the family believes it made people believe that they caused the disaster, tried to hide it, and refused to answer the public. ..

Nine’s attorney, Sandy Dawson SC, claims that Judge Peter Applegers made a mistake when calculating payments to his brother, and his clients have to pay a much lower amount.

He is a judge 60 minutes Broadcast as two different publications of the same defamatory material and the words of journalist Nicholas Kater.

Wagner attorney Tom Blackburn SC said defamation 60 minutes What was caused by the broadcast and Mr. Kata’s words was “very different.”

He said the program was filled with “creepy” music and was mercilessly criticized.

It also included references to the deaths of 12 people, implying that concerns about the quarry were generally hidden, but included the words “incomprehensible sadness, trauma, devastation.”

In a decision made on Tuesday, the Court of Appeals ruled that Judge Applegers had given an “appropriate order” and refused to reassess the payment.


Nine loses bid to reduce defamation payments for 60 minutes

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