‘No one cares’ about China’s bullying and aggression

The world’s press is frenzied about a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. But no one here cares or talks about it.

Pedestrians in Taipei, Taiwan (Image: EPA/Ritchie B. Tongo)

“May we live in interesting times” is a phrase with many meanings. Some describe it as a Chinese curse rather than a blessing. Rather than the chaos of interesting times, it’s about life becoming better and safer, not interesting times that are calm and peaceful.

This brings me to how it feels to be living in interesting times in Taiwan. economist that’s why “The Most Dangerous Place on Earth”This must be news for Ukrainians.

After years of working in advertising, I started drinking. His wife Gemma was born in a rustic fishing village in Taiwan and she later moved to Japan to run a Yakuza bar. Before evolving into Bad Mama in Surry Hills, they teamed up in Sydney to open the original Mama Sun Bondi.

Read more about how Taiwanese people feel about the Chinese threat.

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‘No one cares’ about China’s bullying and aggression

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