Nocturne tells a delicious and demonic story of his brother’s rivals

Amazon’s “Welcome to the Blumhouse” series, produced by Blumhouse Television, debuted the first two films last week (although I confirmed the science fiction entry, Black box; other, Lie, A psychological drama). Two more arrive this week, featuring ghosts, the masterpieces of the series so far. Nocturne..

Nocturne Is the debut feature of writer director Zu Quirke, who takes advantage of the worn-out horror metaphor but does it in an edgy and fresh way: brothers’ rivals (further amplified). twin Rivalry), the novel world of teenagers (further amplified to the novel world of teenagers in the performing arts), the sinister events at boarding schools, and books reminiscent of black magic. There is also the influence of writing style (Suspiria Especially, but Black swan And carry Also comes to mind) and creative choices (including an array of intentionally jarring sound cues) Nocturne On top of other “Welcome to the Blumhouse” movies-the rest fine However, it shares the general atmosphere that it is technically a movie for television.

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Quirke is clearly a remarkable talent. NocturneYoung stellar object with a familiar face: Madison Iseman (((new Jumanji movies, Annabel is back) And Sydney Sweeney (((Handmade story, Euphoria). The dizygotic twins Vivian (Iseman) and Juliet (Sweeney) are rarely BFFs. This is the result of fierce competition for talented pianists. Angered by wealthy and superficial parents, Vi’s natural abilities are exacerbated when she accepts her head-on. lead.By the time they became seniors in an elite boarding school, Vi all Juliet wants a big solo at a prestigious concert, acceptance at The Juilliard, praise of the toughest teacher at school, a devoted boyfriend, and effervescence that suggests that everything comes to her easily. ..

Vivian (Madison Iseman) practices, Juliet (Sydney Sweeney) turns pages and dies in Nocturne. (Image: Amazon Studios)

Juliet sees and pops anxiety drugs, staring at life as an eternal second banana and comparing it to areas where she is devoted to pursuing an entire young life. “If we all played the concertmaster, there was no orchestra.” The situation begins to change when we come across a note left by our classmate “Mad Moira”. His classmate’s musical talent surpasses that of Vivian, but he jumped from the school building and died just six weeks ago.

At first glance, the book is full of Moira’s music theory notes, but its pages also contain menacing and mysterious pictures. “as if speaking Juliet finds that the sinister (and perhaps demonic) power of the book begins to flow into her life — and Juliet is under the spell, but neither twin intends to escape book hunger. It will soon become clear that there is none. NocturneThe tension of the is carefully tuned, similar to Juliet’s piano scale, and overall a very good cast, Sweeney is minimal to accept what is known to contain pure harm. Gives the impression of a mouse girl who needs a limited push.

Evil eyes of Snitamani and Omar Mascati. (Image: Amazon Studios)

Other new “Welcome to the Blumhouse” movies of the week Evil eyesDirected by Elan and Rajiv Dassani, Maduri Shekar adapted from her own audio drama.Knowing its origin consists of much of the film being a telephone conversation between Delhi’s mother (Sarita Choudhury) and her daughter (Sunita Mani, who also starred in our recent review). Helps explain why Save yourself) In New Orleans — Unfortunately, this is not the most dynamic and cinematic way to tell a story. It’s nice to see Mani, who often appears in comedies and supporting characters (see: Glow, Mr. Robot)Playing a glamorous top-notch woman, Evil eyesPlots about past trauma, abusive relationships, and rebirth are less puzzles. It’s more resentment to the inevitable confrontation with many long-distance chats in between.

“Welcome to Bram House” movie Black box And Lie Currently streaming on Amazon. Evil eyes And Nocturne Will arrive on October 13th.

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Nocturne tells a delicious and demonic story of his brother’s rivals

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