Nokia migrates all on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud

Today, a five-year “strategic alliance” between Nokia and Google Cloud will bring Finnish electronics companies to move their entire on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud.

Nokia says the undisclosed deal will help reduce real estate footprint, energy consumption and purchasing needs for hardware capacity.

Nokia’s infrastructure and applications will run in the software model as a public cloud or service in the future, and the company expects it to take 18-24 months to complete a major migration.

Ravi Parmasad, Nokia’s Vice President of Global IT Infrastructure, said migration is an integral step in the company’s broader digital transformation journey.

“Nokia is on the path of digital transformation aimed at radically changing the way we operate and do business,” says Palmasad.

“This is very important to how our employees collaborate to continue to raise the bar to meet our customers’ needs.

“Given Nokia’s digital ambitions and plans, this is an ideal time for Nokia to take this step and accelerate its efforts on Google Cloud. We will do it all in a safe and scalable way.”

Palmasad said the move is not only central to the company’s digital transition, but is essential to facilitating the transition to a cloud-first approach. It also helps the company’s “aggressive” efforts to enhance digital operations around the world.

The partnership agreement took place after months of collaboration between Nokia and Google Cloud, during which partners designed a “highly customized” migration strategy. This allows Nokia to quickly exit its current data center with slight disruption.

Rob Enslin, president of Google Cloud, said he will deploy strategic system integrators, solution specialists and engineers to ensure a stable transition.

“We are honored to be working with Nokia to help modernize our Google Cloud infrastructure,” says Enslin.

“We look forward to providing state-of-the-art networking, data analytics, AI / ML, and other technologies to help Nokia offer its cloud-first strategy and better service to its customers. ”

According to Enslin, Google Cloud’s extensive infrastructure portfolio as a service for computing, networking and storage solutions can provide Nokia with a way to accelerate cost optimization, efficiency and operational reliability.

“We are pleased that Nokia is able to revolutionize its IT infrastructure with a backbone network and an approach to data security using advanced software-defined networks,” Enslin continues.

“We look forward to providing Nokia with a complete menu of features to help Nokia realize its cloud-first strategy and meet its performance requirements.”

Nokia migrates all on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud

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