Not a good snips!

“All these Ninja Memories (C8) have been rehashed, so I’m my own samurai “The balloon gum card set creates a giant pin-up photo of Shintaro together,” said Peter Cowan of Mount Keira. Unfortunately, five out of 72 are missing, but a precious color image of the star. Still brings a smile. Did someone else use his father’s tin scissors to make his own star knife from a tin can? “

Readers samurai The debate (and the “less ninja” wrath) arose from George Manoilovich’s overnight stay with his relatives and the overkill of furniture in the guest’s bedroom. Kempsey’s rosemary seam picks up the thread. “If the cushions, throws, etc. are replaced and the old ones are too good to be thrown away, it is common to use them to decorate the spare room in case it becomes convenient later. I hope to answer George’s question, drowsy trinkets and their overkill. “

Egg corn (C8) dressing? “Many years ago, my dear friend’s 4-year-old nephew glanced at me and said,” Alastair has one leg in the gravy. ” At that time, I was about 24 years old! I remember Balmain’s Alastair Wilson.

“Congratulations, Grandma, she set a good example by wearing a mask. But why is it blue and boring? Look around. There are many good looking masks. If nothing else, a text pen Please get and write. SMH On the mask, “says Graham Russell of Clovelly.

From Ooshies (C8) to books, the story of this supermarket giveaway is in favor of Stephanie Edwards of Roseville. Little tree house It’s a book distributed by Coles, so I put it in the library on the street. There are two of these great ideas near my daughter’s house in the Inner West. I looked it up a week later and found that they were all gone, but the same “adult” book was still there. “

It’s rap! Today’s inbox is full of answers to Tim Crawshaw’s question about what to do with plastic. Herald The cover (C8), and almost all readers had the same idea. Richard Yarry of Waitara, Rose Fox of Byron Bay, David Gordon of Cranebrook, Janet Greenwood of Lily Field, and many others say that two big supermarkets are the best choices. According to Jannette, “They now have a soft plastic recycled container on the front and may be exhibiting a sample of the results. It’s a sturdy garden bench recycled from this plastic.”

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Not a good snips!

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