‘Not surprising’: Keating ‘included in China’s salary’

Paul Keating “runs the Chinese Communist Party line” in a speech critical of the AUKUS deal, but “was paid a Chinese salary” so it’s “not surprising,” said Sky News host Caleb Bond. To tell.

His comments came after the former prime minister denounced the AUKUS nuclear submarine program as the “worst deal ever” at a National Press Club meeting on Wednesday.

“Paul Keating is a bastard who served on the board of the China Development Bank for 13 years,” said Bond.

“He served as its chairman for 10 years. In 2021 he said that if China goes to war with Taiwan, Australia should do nothing about it. Because they have little interest.

“I mean, this is a bastard who’s stepping on the Chinese line every day. And lo and behold, he’s on the Chinese payroll.”

‘Not surprising’: Keating ‘included in China’s salary’

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