NRL 2022: Ricky Stewart wimp dog spray, 1 game suspension, fine, punishment, Jayman Salmon, Raiders, Panthers

Raiders coach Ricky Stewart will reportedly get a one-game suspension and a $20,000 fine for his “gut dog” spray directed at Panthers player Jayman Salmon. It is

Produced by Stuart Shocking comments after Raiders loss to the Panthers on Saturday. This was prompted by Salmon kicking Raiders hooker Tom Sterling during the game.

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“I have history with him (Salmon). I know him very well,” he said.

“He was a gut dog when he was a kid and still is. He’s a gut dog person now.”

news corp Journalist Phil Rothfield reported on NRL 360 that Stuart is likely to step down as coach for Sunday’s Raiders-Dragons game.

“I spoke with the NRL about 15 minutes ago and Ricky Stewart will not be coaching the Canberra Raiders this weekend,” Rosfield said.

“Within the next 24 hours, the NRL will announce a one-week suspension and a $20,000 fine.”

NRL 360 co-host Paul Kent revealed that Stuart spoke with Jason King at the Integrity Unit, revealing the “personal” story behind the attack on Salmon.

“I called the NRL today and they are aware of it and will put together an investigation. said.

“King will speak to (Andrew) Abdo and clarify some of what happened, but it will be left out of the written submission to respect the personal nature of what it really is.

“I don’t know if that would hurt the overall fight to avoid Ricky’s suspension. When I asked him about it, he was ready to accept the outcome. .”

Rosfield confirmed that the NRL was “aware” of “all personal information,” and while Stuart has not disclosed anything publicly, he “has communicated all details to the integrity unit.” .

Rothfield added: It’s his own child… I’m not defending him, but I’m trying to explain what happened.

Kent, who had also heard about Stuart’s impending one-game suspension, accused the NRL of entertaining the suspension when the investigation was not yet completed.

“The investigation isn’t over yet, and you said—and I heard the same thing—one game for Ricky,” he said.

“It’s fine for them to fine him, but to suspend him for this… (News Corp journalist) Dave Riccio said on the radio how the NRL came out. We were talking about, and you may need to start suspending because you haven’t paid enough attention to your fines.

“That’s one area, and the second area is saying that this goes way beyond what anyone else has done, so he should be suspended. Those two things are actually are not correlated, but people combine them to give one game.

“The fact that the disciplinary hearing isn’t over yet looks like a kangaroo courtroom, and we’ve all heard he’s going to be in the game. It’s not over yet.”

but, news corp Journalist Michael Karayanis thinks the ban is “fair.”

“It would have been better if Ricky had faced Jeman at the Shed after the game and sprayed him one-on-one…but you can’t do that in public. He essentially slandered him — he You can’t go unpunished,” Caryannis said.

“I think a one-game suspension is reasonable. You can’t do that.

Kent reiterated his problem was the suspension.

Rothfield, meanwhile, revealed that Stuart would be the first coach to deal with a one-game suspension.

“It’s never happened in our previous games,” he said.

first published as Punishment for NRL’s Ricky Stewart for Ugly Spray Revealed as ‘Kangaroo Coat’ Accused

NRL 2022: Ricky Stewart wimp dog spray, 1 game suspension, fine, punishment, Jayman Salmon, Raiders, Panthers

Source link NRL 2022: Ricky Stewart wimp dog spray, 1 game suspension, fine, punishment, Jayman Salmon, Raiders, Panthers

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