NRL: How Eels star Sean Lane turned his life and career around

Sean Lane is the first player to admit that he’s been through some pretty tough times both on and off the footfield.

As such, he’s turning his degree in health sciences and a near-perfect diploma in psychology into something meaningful when he retires, aiming to become a mental skills coach mentoring young athletes.

“The mental side of the game is one of the things that allowed me to transform myself as a person and as a player,” Lane said.

“If I can pass that knowledge on to others so they don’t have to go through the same pain as I did, that’s my victory.”

That change began a few years ago and can be traced back to 2016, when Lane was involved in a player swap, kicked out of the Bulldogs and sent to New Zealand, and Raymond Fightara Mariner replaced him at Canterbury. .

However, the move did not work out and Lane was restricted to just one match before returning to Sydney to partner the Sea Eagles for the following season.

“I moved to New Zealand when I was 21.

“When I was a kid, I was a mummy boy. My mom did all my laundry, cleaning, etc., but I had to get away from everyone.

“It turned my whole world upside down.

Besides, the only reason I moved was footwork and it sucked.

“I was falling in a dumpster. I idolized this and if anything happened to a young man who had been doing fine all along, once you get the first knockdown it’s very hard to get back Here again.

“Sometimes people pass out instead of picking themselves up.

“I was dropped and had to change clubs four times in like two years (to no avail).

“I was dropped many times and my coach told me I had a bad attitude.

“I’ve always been told that I need to go through that experience because it’s a learning curve for young children, but I don’t think I have to.

“It would have been a little easier for me if I had had a little guidance back then and people were telling me the right things and supporting me in situations like that. I think.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until I started going through these things. I became more interested in psychology when I saw how the mental side of my approach could help.” .”

Lane is now with the Eels and is playing the best footie of his career outside of Dylan Brown at Parramatta’s deadly left end.

The stout back rower has scored 10 tries this year. This is more times than any other edge forward. That’s the same as the last seven seasons combined.

It shows a more confident player who understands his role and is confident enough to support his greatest strength, which is his ability to offload in traffic.

“I think I always had the potential to play like this,” he said.

“Being an edge-back rower, the game can fade in or out depending on the players around you. rice field.

“So far, he (Dylan Brown) has been hesitant to claim the ball, so maybe he backed off to let Mitch (Moses) take over.

“But this year he’s been more aggressive and more confident. He’s pulling in defenders and creating more space for the players outside.”

Eels needs Lane and his teammates to keep the furious over the next four weeks.

Starting with games against the Rabbits, Bulldogs and Broncos, a team that has already beaten Parramatta this season, it ends with a home game against the Storm.

“When you look at the season so far, you have to tick off those three teams to make sure they’ve done it all so far in the regular season,” Lane said.

“We’ve beaten Penrith twice and beat every other good team. I think I’ll only play against the Cowboys once. So if I can tick those boxes, We can go to the final with confidence.”

first published as ‘Junkyard’: How the Eels star turned his life and career around

NRL: How Eels star Sean Lane turned his life and career around

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