NRL player Tristan Sailor is allegedly drugged and raped by a woman: court

Courts alleged that NRL’s rising star Tristan Sailor administered the drug before raping the woman.

The sons of the great Wendell Sailors of Brisbane and St. George Irawara were arrested on Saturday and released on bail on Sunday after being charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Sydney last weekend.

He remains on bail under some harsh conditions as he is ready to answer the charges, and police claim in court that the suspect was “abandoned” after being taken medicine by Mr Sailor. There is.

Police prosecutor Shannon Ryan described Sailor’s alleged actions as “predatory and deliberate.”

He said a court toxicology report detected a sedative in her bloodstream, supporting evidence of her alleged injuries.

“A court complaint can be categorized as predatory and deliberate,” he said.

“The sedative given to the complainant without her knowledge was consistent with her description, and witnesses were found unconscious.

“She in my submission was left vulnerable and discarded.”

Barrister Richard Pontello SC said there was no evidence that Mr Sailor had given her the sedative sleeping pill doxylamine, and that there were a number of “reprimands” that could be held liable.

He also pointed out some text messages exchanged between Mr Sailor and alleged victims the next day.

The alleged victim said: “I don’t remember anything after Tristan Uber mined. Do you need to rest assured that what happened? Did you have sex?”

The court heard that Mr Sailor replied: “Sorry, we were in a drinking game. Yes, we had sex. I asked you and (the victim’s friend), so everything was sweet. I did everything. It was sweet because I pulled it out. “

Pontello said the text was in line with his version of the event that sexual contact had reached an agreement.

“He asks how she feels,” Pontello said.

Sailor has been granted bail by registrar Carrie Darcy, who said he could alleviate community concerns under harsh conditions, such as calling police daily, complying with curfew, not drinking alcohol, and surrendering his passport. Was done.

Sailor’s attorney has filed five affidavits in court, including Darren Lockyer, director of the NRL’s great Broncos, and Paul McGregor, a former Dragons coach.

The 22-year-old Sailor was arrested Saturday morning after New South Wales police attacked a house in Wollongong that he shared with his parents on Saturday morning.

Police received complaints from a 24-year-old woman who had been sexually assaulted at her home in southern Sydney last weekend.

Police allege that the woman was injured on suspicion of assault.

Child Abuse and Sex Offenders Officers Launched Strike For Through Get – before Mr Sailor was arrested on Saturday and charged with exacerbated sexual assault – adding real physical harm.

Sailor has made five appearances in the Dragons in 2019-20, but hasn’t been spotted on the 2021 roster under upcoming coach Anthony Griffin.

He was nominated as a future player, but has been struggling with match times since his debut in 2019.

The club’s decision not to offer him a new contract offended his father Wendell, who said he was “disappointed” at the amputation of his son.

Place of originNRL player Tristan Sailor is allegedly drugged and raped by a woman: court

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