NSW premier orders review into John Barilaro’s appointment to taxpayer-funded role in the US

NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet has initiated his own review of the process leading to the appointment of former Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro .
Mr. Perrottet said the results of his own review, which will be conducted in conjunction with a superior chamber investigation, will be made public.

“I have headed the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet [Michael Coutts-Trotter] to do a review, “the prime minister told reporters on Thursday.

“He will provide this report to me … I will review it and make it public.”
The government announced on Friday that Mr. Barilaro had been appointed as the former trade and investment commissioner of the Americas, a role former national leaders had created while he was trade minister.
Prime Minister and Investment Minister Stuart Ayres on Wednesday insisted that the appointment was made through an “independent process”.

Both chose Amy Brown, the former secretary of the prime minister’s department and now NSW’s chief investment officer, as the final decision.

Ms. Brown reported to Mr. Barilaro when she was the minister in charge of the Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade.
The prime minister said the first phase of recruitment was derailed when Ms Brown said no candidates were found.
Then a second appointment process began, which led to Ms. Brown selecting Mr. Barilaro for the role, Mr. Perrottet said.
Mr Ayres said in Question Time on Wednesday that the role had been made public and Mr Barilaro had applied as a private citizen.

“His application was not solicited by me as the Minister or by Investment NSW,” Mr Ayres said.


He told the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Paul Toole about the secretary’s recommendation to hire Mr. Barilaro on April 30th.
Mr. Ayres said he did not intervene in Mr. Barilaro’s nomination because it was conducted after an “independent, open, merit-based recruitment process” that recommended a “qualified, appropriate candidate.”
“I reject in the strongest possible terms that Mr. Barilaro’s nomination, as quoted in some media, was a ‘either commander’ or a unilateral decision by me or any other minister.”
He said the decision was not required to go to cabinet.

Upper Labor leader Penny Sharpe said Mr Perrottet and Mr Ayres had recommended the approval and avoided the cabinet to avoid feedback from cabinet colleagues.

A motion passed by the upper house on Wednesday temporarily blocked Mr. Barilaro from taking over the role until a parliamentary inquiry examines the process.
Documents revealed that four people were considered for New York-based roles during the recruitment process, and two were selected.
One applicant, Jenny West, said in August by then Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian she had the job, The Guardian reported.
He said later the offer was canceled and a substantial settlement was paid, he said.
Mr. Barilaro the following month.


Mr. Perrottet discussed the claims offered to Ms. West in the role, but said she would “get that clarified.”
He denied Mr Barilaro’s appointment was “a captain’s choice”.
“These were utility decisions through an independent process.”

The prime minister told ABC radio on Wednesday he would take action if “there was no good reason” behind the decision to appoint Mr Barilaro.

NSW premier orders review into John Barilaro’s appointment to taxpayer-funded role in the US Source link NSW premier orders review into John Barilaro’s appointment to taxpayer-funded role in the US

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