NSW records 11 COVID-19 cases and Brad Hazzard encourages patients to “tell the truth”

It did not tell authorities that the man was initially in a rural town in Victoria and in Shepparton, which is part of the New South Wales-Victoria border bubble where the coronavirus outbreak is widespread. It follows the report that it was.

According to Hazard, the COVID case was a problem for both NSW and Victoria, as it was confirmed that while the case could be infected, details of its movement had not been released.

I’m not too worried today: Dr. Kelly Chant, Chief Health Officer of Froma

“We are not interested in your personal activities, nor are you interested in other legal issues that you may have been involved in,” he said.

“Whether it is intentional or simply overlooked … you need to make sure you tell the whole truth, only the truth.


“Be very careful when talking to public health authorities. [They] You need to be able to track the chain of infections. It’s impossible if people don’t provide us with enough information. “

Hazard said a special warning had been issued to a geriatric care facility near the Victorian border.

All three new cases linked to the Lakemba GP cluster are contacts for households in known cases that were in self-quarantine, and health officials expect more confirmed cases to be linked to the cluster in the future. did.

The other two cases were the contacts of a man in his 70s and a Bargo household 140 kilometers northwest of Wollongong. A new pop-up clinic has been set up in the Bargo Community Hall.


Kelly Chant, New South Wales Chief Health Officer, said these cases and the source of infection in men in southeastern Sydney are under investigation.

Dr. Chant’s daily report at a press conference on Thursday morning was far more subdued than Wednesday’s press conference, where Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian warned that New South Wales was at the forefront of a major communication event. ..

“I’m a little less worried today … my level of comfort will go up and down,” she said.

Both Dr. Chant and Mr. Hazzard expressed concern about NSW’s test rates, with less than 16,000 tests performed during the last 24-hour reporting period.

“I’m very worried about the fact that there were 15,802 tests today, compared to more than 16,000 yesterday,” Hazard said.

On Wednesday, Mr. Beregikrian said the government plans to relax further restrictions this week, but postponed it due to the high number of incidents. Hazard said these decisions are being reviewed daily, but no plans are currently being implemented.

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Kate Orbusson is a health editor at The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mary Ward is a reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Place of originNSW records 11 COVID-19 cases and Brad Hazzard encourages patients to “tell the truth”

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