NSW to add free extra year onto early education, with Victoria expected to follow

All children in NSW will be able to access free play-based learning in the year before they start kindergarten under a drastic reform of the state education system.
NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet and Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews have issued a joint statement outlining the plan, saying both states will “engage in the greatest education transformation early in a generation”.

“Every child in Victoria and NSW will experience the benefits of a full year of game-based learning before their first year of school,” they said.

“At the same time, it will benefit hundreds of thousands of working families. This means a brighter future for our children and their families as well.”
NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell says the extra year will be a “game changer” with children attending free pre-school five days a week starting in 2030.
“What it will mean is that every child in NSW will have access to five days of free preschool in the year before school starts,” she told Nine Network on Thursday.
The extra year of learning will “give children a better start to their lives” and “give every child the opportunity to have five days of this early learning at no cost to their family.”
Trials will begin next year in some communities. Mr. Perrottet will announce details of the $ 5.8 billion program, which will be part of Tuesday’s budget, on Thursday.
The plan calls for the recruitment and training of more early childhood education teachers and the construction of more kindergartens on primary school grounds.
“It’s a game changer and it’s exciting and there’s big money behind it because we have to do good for our kids,” Ms. Mitchell said.

The government has already announced it will spend $ 1.4 billion to subsidize kindergarten starting next year, along with $ 5 billion over a decade to create more daycare space.

“So we’re doing a lot in the affordable space,” Ms. Mitchell said.
“All of us in NSW are talking about more than $ 15 billion that we’re going to invest in families and the benefits are going to start flowing out as early as next year.”
The Victorian Labor government will add one year of extra education for all children before the first year of school. Early education will be reviewed in Victoria under a plan to offer an extra school year in the next 10 years.

Children in Victoria will have access to five days of game-based learning each week prior to the first year of school. The extra year will focus on “growing up and learning” a child to give them the “skills they need for school” and life. The program is free but not required.

NSW to add free extra year onto early education, with Victoria expected to follow Source link NSW to add free extra year onto early education, with Victoria expected to follow

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